"La violenza in Inghilterra è stata sconfitta"... quante volte abbiamo sentito dire questa frase? Qui di seguito ci sono gli incidenti tra tifosi nella stagione 1999/2000. Avvengono negli stadi ma soprattutto nei pub. E siccome i pub sono lontani dagli stadi, allora la violenza è scomparsa! IPOCRITI!

Kettering Town v Leicester 17/07/99 Pre Season Friendly

There were problems inside the ground during the match. After the match Kettering supporters met at Kettering railway station and confronted Leicester
supporters. 14 Leicester supporters were arrested and subsequently released on police bail.

Rotherham v Sheffield Wednesday 31/07/99 Pre Season Friendly

At this match the visitors' end of the ground was filled to near capacity, with just over 3,000 supporters in attendance. Some of the visiting supporters
entered the Rotherham end of the ground. Fighting broke out during the match, a number of arrests were made and the visiting Sheffield Wednesday
supporters were transferred into their end of the ground.At the end of the match a large number of Sheffield Wednesday supporters went to a public
house in the town centre where Rotherham supporters were drinking. Officers were outside the premises monitoring the situation when the windows were
smashed from inside by chairs and fire extinguishers being thrown through them. The visiting Sheffield Wednesday supporters were running amok inside
helping themselves to the alcohol. Officers in protective clothing entered the pub and a number of arrests were made. A large group of Sheffield
Wednesday supporters were then escorted to the railway station and put onto a train.

Birmingham City v Fulham 07/08/99 Nationwide League Div 1

At the final whistle Fulham supporters left the ground to abuse from Birmingham supporters. A group of 20 Birmingham supporters then attacked a group
of Fulham supporters, knocking one of them unconscious. In a second incident Birmingham supporters attacked another group of ten Fulham supporters
most of whom received injuries. As the Fulham coaches were leaving the area the Birmingham supporters attacked them throwing stones and bottles.
Three coaches carrying men, women and children from the Fulham Supporters Club were badly damaged.

Cardiff City v Millwall 09/08/99 Nationwide League Div 2

Shortly after arriving in Cardiff a small group of Millwall supporters were attacked by a group of 300 Cardiff supporters before being forced back by
police, including mounted branch and dog handlers. The disorder continued throughout the day with rival groups throwing missiles at each other. At the
conclusion of the match a group of around five hundred Cardiff supporters attempted to attack the Millwall supporters. The two groups continued to
throw missiles at each other. A number of members of the public and police officers were injured during these violent exchanges. One six-year-old girl
received head injuries after being hit by a missile. The Millwall supporters were escorted to the railway station and only then did the confrontation end.

Reading v Bristol City 07/08/99 Nationwide League Div 2

This match day was very busy from 10.30 onwards when 100 Bristol supporters arrived in Reading. Damage was caused to a public house in Reading
and bottles and other items were thrown at police. One police horse received minor injuries. Inside the ground there was disorder between both sets of
supporters and after the match supporters from both teams attempted to confront each in the vicinity of the stadium. Reading supporters damaged the
coaches taking the Bristol supporters to the railway station. As a result of this police had to escort the visiting Bristol supporters the six miles on foot to
the railway station to prevent further disorder. 11 arrests were made on the day.

Southend United v Oxford 10/08/99 Worthington Cup

During the second half of this Worthington Cup match a Southend supporter got onto the perimeter track in order to remonstrate with an Assistant
Referee. Stewards quickly detained him before he was able to reach his target. This was a 'police free' match however two Spotters were on duty inside
the ground and as they went to arrest the man he punched one of them in the head causing minor injuries and a struggle ensued as he violently resisted
arrest. A Southend supporter was subsequently charged with affray, assault on police and running onto the pitch. This individual has since appeared at
court and been found guilty of the three offences. He was sentenced to a six-month custodial sentence and was also given a three year Domestic Football
Banning Order.

Leyton Orient v Brighton 14/08/99 Nationwide League Div 3

Around 3500 Brighton supporters travelled to this match. Prior to the match a pack of razor blades were found dumped where the Brighton supporters
had been queuing to get in. A pyrotechnic smoke bomb was thrown onto the pitch after Brighton's second goal and the stewards complained of being
slapped and spat on.

Violent Disorder Kings Cross Railway Station 07/08/99

Police were called to a large football related fight close to Kings Cross Thames-link station. The fight had spilled over from the Flying Scotsman Public
House. The fight involved supporters from Chelsea, Huddersfield and Leicester. On arrival of police, one man was arrested for possession of an offensive
weapon (a metal bar) and two others were arrested for punching and kicking rival supporters.

Oldham v Preston 07/08/99 Nationwide League Div 2

A group of 30 - 40 Preston supporters confronted a group of Oldham supporters outside a public house. As this area was covered by CCTV the
Oldham group did not respond. After the match fighting broke out on Rochdale Road, resulting in two arrests. Preston supporters were escorted through
the town to the railway station. On route the Oldham supporters attempted to attack them but were prevented from doing so by police.

Bradford City v Sheffield Wednesday 14/08/99 Premier League

After the match a large group of Bradford supporters went to their usual public house in the city centre. At about 6pm this group then went to another
nearby public house, where a number of Sheffield Wednesday supporters were drinking. The Bradford supporters threw bottles and glasses at the visitors
and tables and chairs were knocked over. Police responded to the incident and prevented it escalating. The Sheffield supporters were requested to
vacate the premises and were then escorted to the railway station.

Arsenal v Manchester United 22/08/99 Premier League

Police kept rival groups of Arsenal and Manchester United supporters, numbering over 100, apart. There were some minor confrontations after the
match. A large group of Arsenal supporters then entered Holloway Road underground station believing that the Manchester United supporters had done
the same. None were found but a group of about ten Arsenal supporters attacked an innocent male inside the carriage before dragging him onto the
platform where the assault continued leaving the male unconscious. Two arrests were made.

Football Related Disorder Euston Railway Station 23/08/99

Police were called to a fight at Euston Railway Station involving 20 men. On arrival a small fight was still ongoing. Two arrests were made. The fight had
been between supporters from Aston Villa and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Tottenham Hotspur v Leeds United 28/08/99 Premier League

Following this match a group of Tottenham supporters turned on the police when officers stepped in to prevent them from approaching a van driven by a
Leeds supporter. Tottenham supporters drinking outside the Bank Public House threw numerous missiles at police. Order was quickly restored although
a number of missiles continued to be thrown.

Luton v Cardiff 28/08/99 Nationwide League Div 2

During the match Luton supporters in the stand set fire to the Welsh flag prompting a violent reaction from the Cardiff supporters. Police then had to be
deployed inside the stadium. At the end of the match a heavy police presence kept rival supporters apart although the Luton supporters found a small
number of Cardiff supporters and attacked them.

Violent Disorder Involving Rotherham Supporters 04/09/99

At around 6pm an argument developed in Wellgate, Rotherham, between a number of Rotherham supporters and some local youths. This resulted in one
of the youths being kicked unconscious. A police investigation was initiated; eight men were subsequently arrested and charged with violent disorder.

Cheltenham Town v Shrewsbury Town 11/09/99 Nationwide League Div 3

At about 8pm a disturbance occurred outside a public house in the town centre. A doorman tried to remove a group of approx. 12 men, all of whom had
been drinking heavily, from the seated area outside the bar. The doorman was abused, and had bottles thrown at him before members of the group set
upon him. During the assault he sustained cuts, bruises, a broken arm and had his upper front teeth knocked out. A Shrewsbury supporter was
subsequently charged with GBH with intent.

Birmingham City v West Bromwich Albion 15/09/99 Nationwide League Div 1

At around 3pm a fight was reported at a public house. A group of 35 - 40 West Bromwich Albion supporters arrived and started fighting with
Birmingham supporters. Police were soon at the scene, where there was a stand off. The West Bromwich supporters were then escorted to the ground,
by which time they were being tracked by a similar size number of Birmingham supporters.After the match a group of West Bromwich supporters were
escorted from the ground by police. A group of over 200 Birmingham supporters split up into various different locations to try and attack them as they
were escorted away. There were a few minor incidents but these were very soon brought under control. As the two groups got near to each other the
Birmingham group tried to charge through a police line to get at the West Bromwich supporters. Officers were deployed in protective equipment,
including shields, as they came under attack by missiles (two officers were slightly injured by house bricks). The Birmingham supporters were eventually
dispersed into smaller groups, which continued to track the escort all the way back to the railway station.

Fulham v Queens Park Rangers 18/09/99 Nationwide League Div 1

A group of Queens Park Rangers supporters purchased tickets for all areas of the ground for this match. Fighting broke out at the kick off when QPR
supporters clashed with Fulham supporters in a 'home supporters only' section of the ground. Police intervened and arrests and ejections were made. At
full time, two large groups of rival supporters clashed outside the ground and a number of arrests were made.

Derby County v Sunderland 18/09/99 Premier League

Information was received that a coach of Sunderland supporters were on route to Derby with a view to confronting home supporters. Police intercepted
this coach and 53 men were arrested to prevent a Breach of the Peace. At the ground Derby supporters attacked visiting supporters on route to the

Stockport v Port Vale 18/09/99 Nationwide League Div 1

After this match a group of 12 Stockport supporters attacked a similar size group of Port Vale supporters who had been drinking in a local public house.
Two supporters were arrested at the scene. The rest of the Port Vale supporters were escorted to the railway station without further incident.

Stoke City v Wigan Athletic 18/09/99 Nationwide League Div 2

After this match a group of Wigan supporters were involved in a large-scale fight with around 60 Stoke supporters. Damage was caused to local public
houses. The Wigan supporters were then escorted to the railway station without further incident.

Leeds v Sheffield Wednesday 16/10/99 Premier League

Prior to this fixture a group of around 30 Leeds supporters attacked a group of 20 Sheffield Wednesday supporters in a local public house. Glasses,
bottles and chairs were thrown during the disorder and as a result several people sustained cuts from flying glass. Police attended and order was restored.
After the game a large group of Leeds supporters attempted to confront Sheffield supporters but were prevented from doing so by mounted branch

Wigan v Cardiff 23/10/99 Nationwide League Div 2

At the conclusion of this fixture a group of 60 Cardiff supporters charged at a group of 150 Wigan supporters. Police prevented the groups from clashing,
but then came under attack with stones being thrown by Cardiff supporters. Police were able to disperse the rival groups with no further incidents.

Doncaster Rovers v Halifax Town 30/10/99 Conference League

Serious disorder broke out at this fixture when a group of Doncaster supporters infiltrated the Halifax end of the ground. Seven Doncaster supporters
were arrested for violent disorder. At the conclusion of this fixture large groups of supporters from both sides confronted each other. Police were able to
disperse the rival groups with no further incidents.

West Bromwich Albion v Wolverhampton Wanderers 31/10/99 Nationwide League Div 1

A group of around 100 Wolves supporters attacked a local public house. CS gas canisters were thrown through the pub windows. This group then
clashed with a West Bromwich Albion group, also numbering around 100. Running fights then occurred for a period of time until police were able to
restore order.

Stoke City v Notts County 03/11/99 Nationwide League Div 2 (Police Free)

At the end of this match a group of 40 Stoke City supporters started to throw stones at the Notts County supporters. 2 visiting supporters were assaulted
on route to the coach park, both receiving serious injuries.

Chelsea v West Ham 07/11/99 Premier League

Chelsea and West Ham supporters clashed prior to this fixture. Police, including mounted branch officers then broke up the rival factions. Four arrests
were made for affray and the rival supporters were escorted away.

Grimsby Town v Charlton Athletic 15/11/99 Nationwide League Div 1 (Police Free)

Visiting supporters from Charlton gained entry in to a section of the ground allocated for home supporters only. Scuffles broke out and stewards entered
the stand. During the disturbance a steward was assaulted and a ball boy was injured. The man who assaulted the steward was detained and subsequently
arrested. Two further supporters were arrested on the pitch. At 2.45 hours police were called to nearby Cleethorpes, where a disturbance was taking
place between 20 Charlton supporters and 20 Grimsby supporters. A police officer who attended the incident was assaulted. Four arrests were made at
the scene and the rival groups dispersed.

Swindon & Bristol Rovers Supporters 21/11/99Thames Valley

Police were called to Oxford railway station following a disturbance on a train arriving from Birmingham. On board were supporters from Bristol Rovers,
returning from Chesterfield, and Swindon supporters who had been to Wolverhampton. As a result of the disturbance one man was slightly injured. Police
had to separate the groups and send them forward on different trains.

Stocksbridge Park Steels v Redditch United 27/11/99 FA Trophy 2nd Round

A group of supporters from Redditch arrived at this fixture drunk. They were then engaged in rowdiness and began singing anti-social songs in a nearby
public house. Police were able to disperse the rival groups with no further incidents. Their behaviour at the pub and inside the stadium prompted local
people to contact the police. At the end of the match the unofficial coach party was given a police escort back to the motorway to prevent disorder.
There was one arrest for criminal damage when a Redditch supporter smashed a stadium window.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Manchester City 03/12/99 Nationwide League Div 1

At the end of this fixture a group of around 140 Wolves supporters made their way to the coach park. There they attempted to attack Manchester City
supporters. The Wolves supporters threw missiles at the Manchester City supporters, who reacted by leaving their coaches. Missiles were thrown in
retaliation. A small group of police officers with batons drawn were able to keep the two groups apart. The police then became a target for the missiles.
Police reinforcements arrived and the Wolves group was moved into the town centre with no further incidents.

Millwall v Cardiff 04/12/99 Nationwide League Div 2

Prior to this fixture police were escorting a group of Cardiff supporters. At Victoria Station 150 broke away but were quickly contained after smashing a
couple of shop windows. As the Cardiff supporters arrived at South Bermondsey, Millwall supporters were gathering at a local public house. They then
charged the Cardiff supporters, which was contained. Police then came under fire from masonry, bottles and firecrackers. Mounted officers and officers
in full public order equipment advanced and dispersed the Millwall supporters. Police continued to come under fire from all sides but soaked it up until the
groups were a sufficient distance away to safely escort Cardiff to the ground.During the game coins were thrown towards police. At the final whistle
Cardiff supporters broke up 90 seats and threw them onto the pitch. They also smashed up the toilets causing an estimated £15,000 pounds of damage.
Cardiff supporters were held back after the game while the area was cleared of Millwall supporters. During this period police officers came under further
sustained attack by bottles and masonry. Cars and shop fronts were damaged and at one stage a barricade was erected. The police, using mounted
officers and shield tactics, kept the group pushed back until the Cardiff supporters were safely on their way back to Paddington, again on special trains.
The police then withdrew and with nothing now to vent their anger on the Millwall supporters dispersed.

Wigan v Wolverhampton Wanderers 11/12/99 FA Cup 3rd round

A group of around 100 Wolves supporters were drinking in a local public house before the game. About 50 Wigan supporters then made their way to
this public house whereby the Wolves supporters attempted to storm out of the premises to attack the Wigan supporters. Police got between the two
groups and prevented disorder. The Wolves supporters then began to throw bottles at the police. Additional officers were deployed and the Wolves
supporters were escorted away. At the end of the match a large group of Wigan supporters chased a group of Wolves supporters in to a retail park.
Disorder broke out in the car park and inside a supermarket. Members of staff and public were extremely distressed and several females were knocked
to the ground during the disorder. The Wolves supporters made good their escape by forcing their way out of the back of the store. The Wolves
supporters were then escorted to the railway station without further incident.

Coventry v Leicester City 27/11/99 Premier League

A group of around 60 Coventry supporters were drinking in a local public house. They came out of the pub and started to walk up the road to where a
group of about 60 Leicester supporters started to appear, armed with bottles, pool balls and pool cues. Half way up the road the two groups met, the
Leicester supporters throwing missiles. A lorry making its way along the road had its windows smashed by flying bottles. Officers arrived and the groups
were dispersed. The Coventry supporters in the Hare and Hounds Public House smashed the windows; one offender was identified and was arrested.
Officers in public order equipment escorted the rival supporters to the ground.After the match Leicester supporters were escorted from the stadium to the
railway station. Coventry supporters were hanging around and trying to get to them, but due to the escort they were prevented from doing so. The
Leicester supporters were escorted to the train station with no problems. At the same time Coventry supporters had by now walked in numbers to the
city centre. Officers attended and three were attacked by some of the group. This resulted in one officer receiving a fractured arm, one a fractured finger
and one with cuts and bruises. During the disorder an iron bar was lodged in a building society window.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Birmingham City 17/12/99 Nationwide League Div 1

As the away supporters came out of the stadium there was some baiting and some disorder. One officer received a facial injury when a missile hit him.
The 'Inside' Ground Commander was also assaulted by a Birmingham supporter. An arrest was made at the scene.As the Birmingham supporters reached
the ring road for the walk to the railway station Wolves supporters attempted to follow them. Police prevented them from closing on them. The Wolves
supporters group, which had now grown to about 180 strong, were clearly annoyed at being unable to clash with their rivals and they then turned on the
police. A series of running skirmishes occurred around Wolverhampton bus station. With Police officers coming under missile fire. Batons were drawn as
officers came under increasing pressure. An officer reported that a Wolves supporter was seen carrying what appeared to be CS spray. The Wolves
supporters eventually dispersed without further incident.

West Ham United v Manchester United 18/12/99 Premier League

At the end of this fixture the rival supporters attempted to confront each other. Disorder was prevented by the intervention of police, involving mounted
branch officers and dog handlers. One police officer was injured when a bin was thrown at him. The Manchester supporters, now numbering around 75,
were held near Upton Park Station and then escorted onwards by police. The West Ham supporters groups, numbering around 50, were at Plaistow
Station. It was apparent that the two groups were in contact with each other via mobile phones. Both sets of supporters made their way to Euston. They
again attempted to confront each other but were prevented from doing so by police.

Leicester City v Hereford United 22/12/99 FA Cup

Prior to this fixture a group of thirty Leicester supporters fought with a group of forty Hereford supporters. Police attended the scene and separated the
rival groups.

Sheffield Wednesday v Wolverhampton Wanderers 08/01/00 FA Cup
Supporters from both teams clashed in the town centre after this fixture. Windows
were smashed in a public house during the disorder. Four supporters from Sheffield Wednesday and one from Wolves were arrested during the disorder.

Manchester City v Leeds United 09/01/00 FA Cup

A group of 60 Manchester City supporters attempted to attack a group of Leeds supporters who were being escorted to the ground. Police kept the rival
groups apart. At the end of the fixture Manchester City supporters attacked police officers with bottles and other missiles. A van belonging to visiting
Leeds supporters was overturned and damaged.

Bury v Stockport - Court Results 14/01/00

As a result of the disorder that followed the Bury v Stockport fixture on 17/10/1998 16 men were arrested and charged. 10 Stockport supporters were
found guilty of violent disorder. They were sentenced to six months imprisonment. Six Bury supporters were convicted of offences under S4 Public Order
1986. They were sentenced to 200 hours community service for their part in the incident.

Leicester City v West Ham 22/01/00 Premier League

A group of thirty Leicester supporters attacked a public house where 20 West Ham supporters were drinking. Bottles, chairs and ashtrays were used
during the attack. Police attended and separated the rival groups.

Barnsley v Blackburn Rovers 22/01/00 Nationwide League Div 1

After this fixture a group of about 20 Barnsley supporters were drinking in a city centre bar. A fight broke out between them and the door staff at the

Oxford v Bristol Rovers 22/01/00 Nationwide League Div 1

A group of 120 Bristol Rovers supporters clashed with police on route to the ground prior to this fixture. A female officer was sprayed in the face with
CS spray by a Bristol Rovers supporter. Extra police officers had to be drafted in to deal with this group, who were placed on buses and escorted to
Didcot. During this operation a window was smashed on the bus. 12 arrests were made for public order offences. On their return to Bristol, the Rovers
supporters, numbering around 50, made their way to a pub where Bristol City supporters were drinking. They attacked the pub smashing all the windows
with bricks. A large number of injuries were sustained at this time however only one person attended hospital with a head injury. Police from all over the
city had to attend to deal with a series of running fights. Four people were arrested at the scene. They were all charged with violent disorder.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Queens Park Rangers 22/01/00 Nationwide League Div 1

There were clashes between the clubs stewards and visiting QPR supporters inside the ground. This fixture had been graded as a police free fixture. The
disturbances continued to escalate during the fixture. A club steward was stabbed in the leg during the clashes with the QPR supporters. The stadium
manager requested police attend the ground and police officers were then deployed inside the stadium and the situation was defused. Police also had to
be deployed outside the stadium to prevent the rival fans from clashing at the end of the match.

Sunderland v Leeds United 23/01/00 Premier League

At half time a refreshment bar came under attack from Leeds supporters. They abused the staff and attempted to remove a till. Police moved in to restore
order but they to came under attack. Batons were drawn and the supporters were moved back in to the seating area.At the conclusion of the fixture a
group of 100 Leeds supporters attempted to confront a group of 30 Sunderland supporters. Police kept both groups apart but there was some sporadic
outbreaks of disorder. 18 arrests were made.

Manchester United v Middlesbrough 29/01/00 Premier League

A group of 50 Middlesbrough supporters arrived in Manchester at 11 am. They then went to a city centre pub. At 11.15 am this group was attacked by
around 150 Manchester United supporters. Large-scale disorder broke out resulting in damage to the public house and several injuries to those involved
in the fighting. No complaints were made to the police by any of those involved in the disorder. Extra police officers attended the scene and dispersed the
Manchester United supporters.

Cheltenham Town v Hartlepool 29/01/00 Nationwide League Div 3

At the end of this fixture a group of Cheltenham supporters including an eight-year-old child were attacked by a group of 20 Hartlepool supporters. One
male had a bottle smashed in his face during the attack.

Cambridge v Bolton Wanderers 29/01/00 FA Cup

Prior to this match Cambridge and Bolton supporters clashed. During the disorder a pub door was smashed and bottles and glasses were thrown. A
Bolton supporter was badly cut on his neck by a knife. Two arrests were made at the scene.

Disorder in Birmingham City Centre 29/01/00

A group of 70 Wolves supporters went to Birmingham City centre following their home game against Stockport. They went to a pub where a similar
number of Birmingham supporters were waiting. The Birmingham group came out of the pub and disorder broke out. The fighting lasted for ten minutes
spilling in to the road bringing traffic to a standstill. Police reinforcements attended and order was restored and the two groups were separated. Later that
evening a group of 80 Hartlepool supporters returning from Cheltenham were involved in clashes in Birmingham City centre. A Hartlepool supporter was
hit in the face with a glass and it was feared that he may lose his sight in one eye.

Leicester City v Aston Villa 2/02/00

Before this fixture Leicester supporters attacked a public house where visiting Aston Villa supporters were drinking. Windows and furniture was smashed
during the attack. Bottles and glasses were used as missiles. Police separated the rival groups.At the end of the match the rival groups clashed again. The
Aston Villa supporters armed themselves with bottles, glasses and steak knives from a local pub. Police again broke the rival groups up and dispersed

Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea 05/02/00 Premier League

There was no large-scale disorder at this fixture but it was necessary to arrest over 100 Chelsea supporters to prevent a Breach of the Peace. This group
had arrived in Tottenham as the pubs were opening. The majority of this group had travelled to the match without tickets. It is believed that they had
attended with the aim of confronting a group of Tottenham supporters, who also numbered in excess of one hundred. The Chelsea group were subject to
a police search. Discarded items found in the pub included a large meat clever, a selection of knives, a Jif bottle full of ammonia and several "wraps"
containing what were believed to be drugs.

Disorder in Sheffield City Centre 05/02/00

On their return from their fixture at Derby a group of around 200 Sheffield Wednesday walked en mass through the city centre and entered a public
house. At 7.50pm a group of 150 Sheffield United supporters made their way to where the Sheffield Wednesday supporters were drinking. Some were
carrying glasses or bottles and most had their faces covered with hoods or scarves. It was apparent that disorder had been arranged via mobile phones.
As the Sheffield United group approached the police a number of missiles including bottles, glasses and stones were thrown. The police officers present at
that time, attempted to keep the groups apart. The Sheffield United group then attacked the police. A police officer was knocked to the floor and kicked
about the body and head. He was rescued as more officers got to the scene and he was taken to hospital with a suspected broken jaw. Running fights
then took place throughout the city centre. The United supporters then attacked another public house. This group, numbering around 50, attempted to
force their way into the premises. The doorstaff were able to close the doors and the police again prevented a serious incident arising. Operational
support was called at 8.50pm and officers from the surrounding districts attended. No further problems resulted. A team of officers were set up to look at
this incident with a view to making retrospective arrests for serious public order offences.

Port Vale v Queens Park Rangers 05/02/00 Nationwide League Div1 (Police Free)

A group of 15 Port Vale supporters attacked three Queens Park Rangers supporters on route to the ground. One of the QPR supporters was quite badly
assaulted. The Port Vale supporters ran off on the arrival of police. The injured QPR supporter was treated by paramedics at the scene. Police had to be
drafted in to this fixture as further problems were anticipated as a result of this attack. At the end of the match a group of 50 Port Vale supporters
attempted to attack the QPR supporters as they left. Police Officers quickly intervened and the two groups were parted. The Port Vale supporters then
charged the police line. The QPR supporters were put on to coaches and taken to the railway station. This calmed the situation and there were no further

Liverpool v Leeds 05/02/00 Premier League

At half time Leeds supporters began to fight with each other in the refreshment area. They then turned their attention on both the stewards and the police.
Several officers were punched and kicked as they went to the assistance of their colleagues. This attack on the police appeared to have been organised
and was started on a given signal. Assistance was required from outside the stadium in order to quell the disturbance and officers were forced to draw
batons during the disturbance.

Halifax v Rochdale 12/02/00 Nationwide League Div3 (Police Free)

After five minutes of this fixture a large-scale disturbance broke out in the home terracing involving in excess of 100 people. A group of 50 Rochdale
supporters had entered the ground via the home turnstiles with the intention of attacking the Halifax supporters. The fighting continued for seven minutes
until police had entered the stadium to separate the rival groups. During the disorder supporters were punched and kicked to the ground and then
stamped on. Four arrests were made at the scene.

Burnley v Wigan 19/02/00 Nationwide League Div 2

Burnley and Wigan supporters clashed with each other outside the stadium. This incident was quickly dealt with. A group of about 300 Burnley
supporters then gathered outside a local public house. The group became frustrated as they were prevented from confronting the Wigan supporters. As
mounted officers tried to disperse the Burnley supporters they came under fire as bottles and coins were thrown at them. Attempts were made to drag
two mounted officers from their horses. Police officers then came under a vicious attack that lasted for five minutes. Batons were drawn and dogs
deployed, along with support unit and additional mounted officers. Nine arrests were made and order was restored. There were some further
confrontations at the railway station between Burnley and Wigan supporters.

Huddersfield Town v Manchester City 19/02/00 Nationwide League Div 1

There was serious disorder before during and after this fixture. Individuals from Aberdeen, Torquay and York attended this fixture to join forces with
Huddersfield supporters to fight against Manchester City supporters. Disorder occurred on route to the stadium as rival supporters clashed. At half time
Manchester City supporters attacked the police. During this attack bottles were thrown and a number of arrests were made before order was restored.
There were a number of incidents within the Executive Boxes of the stadium; spectators in the boxes became abusive towards each other and it became
apparent that large numbers of them were drunk. They were ejected from the ground and all bars were closed. At the end of the match both sets of
supporters made their way to the town centre. Serious disorder broke out; which was restored by mounted officers making repeated charges. Dog
handlers and foot officers backed them up. The Manchester City supporters, numbering around 500, were escorted to the railway station and back to
Manchester. There were 34 arrests made throughout the day.

England v Argentina 23/02/00 Friendly International

A group of 10 supporters from Derby travelled by mini bus to London for the England v Argentina game. This group stopped off in Tottenham and went
to a local Public House. This was a recognised Spurs pub. Clearly intent on causing disorder, the Derby group then attacked some of those drinking
inside the pub. The Derby group were significantly outnumbered and they were chased out of the pub into Tottenham High Road where they were
attacked. Three of the Derby group sustained serious injuries. They were stabbed in the arm, neck back and chest. One almost had his arm severed in the

Cambridge v Millwall 26/02/00 Nationwide League - Div 2

A disturbance occurred at 9.30pm at a local public house after this fixture. A group of Millwall supporters were asked to leave due to their behaviour and
drunkenness. This group then met with another group of Millwall supporters who were having an argument with the door staff at the main entrance. During
the melee, one of the doorstaff was pulled out of the pub. He was punched and kicked by the Millwall supporters. The doorstaff managed to eject all the
Millwall supporters; they then closed and locked all the glass doors to the pub. The Millwall supporters tried to forcibly gain entry to the pub by kicking
open the doors. During this attack the glass doors were damaged. Police attended the scene and six arrests were made.

Wigan v Stoke 26/02/00 Nationwide League Div 2

A group of Stoke supporters, estimated to be 400 strong, arrived in Manchester at 10.15am intent on causing disorder. This number soon rose to
500-600. Disorder took place prior to and during the game when rival fans clashed at the ground and town centre area. An altercation took place inside
the stadium that led to a group of Stoke supporters invading the pitch. Order was restored and several arrests were made. At the end of the match
several police officers were injured during clashes with Stoke supporters.

Watford v West Ham 04/03/00 Premier League

About 30 - 40 West Ham supporters clashed with Watford supporters before the above fixture. Disorder occurred with fighting in the street and bricks
and bottles were thrown through the windows of a public house. Six West Ham supporters were arrested.

Huddersfield v Wolves 04/03/00 Nationwide League Div 1

During the ejection of three Huddersfield supporters from the ground a police officer was assaulted and taken to hospital. Ten minutes before the end of
the game both groups clashed, aided by Plymouth supporters. Disorder continued from the coach park onto the streets leading to the ground, during
which time missiles were thrown at police officers resulting in a number of arrests. Mounted Branch, Dog Handlers and foot duty officers dealt with these
incidents and order was restored.

Manchester United v Liverpool - Bury v Oldham 04/03/00

Oldham supporters clashed with Manchester supporters in Manchester following their respective fixtures. Police attended and order was restored. A total
of 14 arrests were made.

Oxford v Reading 07/03/00 Nationwide League Div 2

There were 15 arrests for violent disorder at this fixture after rival supporters clashed. 50 Reading supporters arrived by taxi in Oxford at about midday
and went to local public houses. This number soon increased to about 80. Disorder took place when a smoke bomb was discharged and the lights in a
pub fused, plunging it into darkness. This group then caused £8,000 worth of criminal damage to the public house. Police officers attended and cleared
the public house. A group of Oxford supporters numbering around 80 left the ground prior to full time and went to a local public house, they then threw
glasses, bottles, darts and pool balls at police. This led to further arrests and the pub was cleared.

Barnsley v Manchester City 11/03/00 Nationwide League Div 1

Police was escorting a large group of Manchester City supporters to the ground when they came under attack from a group of Barnsley supporters. A
Barnsley supporter was slashed in the face during this disturbance. He received a deep facial injury, which required 39 stitches. At half time there was
disorder inside the stadium where the Manchester City supporters were housed. Police officers also came under attack from missiles. A number of
supporters and police officers sustained cuts and bruises during this disorder. One police officer had to be taken to hospital after being kicked and
punched. During this disorder a number of police batons were stolen. Later that evening three people from the Manchester area were arrested in
possession of one of the batons.

Darlington & Hartlepool Supporters 11/03/00

Darlington and Hartlepool supporters clashed with each other on the train as they returned from their respective fixtures. A serious disturbance took place
at York. 12 arrests were made by British Transport Police and order restored.

Leicester City v Manchester United 18/03/00 Premier League

Leicester City supporters attempted to attack Manchester United supporters who were being escorted to the ground. The visiting supporters form
Manchester then attempted to break out of their escort to confront the Leicester supporters. Police kept the rival groups apart. During the game Leicester
supporters fought with each other. The two groups of Leicester supporters both believed that the others were Manchester United supporters. At the end
of the fixture Leicester supporters again attempted to attack the visiting supporters. Police prevented them from doing so.

Grimsby Town v Huddersfield Town 01/04/00 Nationwide League Div 1

Rival supporters clashed outside the stadium prior to this fixture resulting in a number of arrests. At the conclusion of the fixture Huddersfield and Grimsby
supporters again clashed at the railway station. Missiles were thrown between the rival groups and it was some time before order was restored. In
another incident, a group of Huddersfield supporters attacked a local public house causing damage.

Birmingham City v Wolverhampton Wanderers 01/04/00 Nationwide League Div 1

There was serious disorder prior to this fixture involving around 100 supporters from the rival teams. At least one petrol bomb was thrown and bottles,
pool cues and bricks were used during hand to hand fighting. Two supporters suffered very serious injuries during the disorder. At the conclusion of the
match the rival groups again threw bricks and bottles. This resulted in four police officers being injured and five police vehicles damaged.

Bristol Rovers v Stoke City 01/04/00 Nationwide League Div 2

At this fixture the Stoke City goalkeeper was attacked in quick succession by two Bristol Rovers fans. Two supporters were arrested and charged.

Wigan Athletic v Preston North End 04/04/00 Nationwide League Div 2

Preston supporters had to be cleared from a local public house after damage was caused. Police then escorted this group to the stadium. Whilst en route
the officers came under attack from this group with bricks and bottles being thrown at them. At the end of the match groups of rival supporters clashed
and further disorder occurred. Police officers had to break up the rival groups.

Leicester City v Everton 8/04/99 Premier League

After this fixture a group of Muslim males who were distributing leaflets in the city centre were attacked. One of this group sustained a broken jaw. Their
attackers were identified as Leicester City supporters. Two males were arrested at the scene.

Grimsby Town v Manchester City 15/04/2000 Nationwide League Div 1

Rival supporters clashed prior to this fixture. Around 40 supporters fought with each other and bottles and glasses were thrown. The fight spilled from the
pub in to the street bringing traffic to a standstill. Police attended the scene and order was quickly restored.

Plymouth v Swansea 15/04/2000 Nationwide League Div 3

A group of 130 Swansea supporters arrived in Plymouth after drinking to excess on the train. This group then made there way to a local public house.
Large police resources were used to contain this group. This group smashed a number of windows, bottles and glasses in the pub. A float of £250 was
also stolen. This group was forced out of the pub and escorted to the ground. During the escort a group of Plymouth supporters numbering around sixty
attempted to attack the Swansea supporters. . They were prevented from doing so by Police resources.At the conclusion of the match there were a
number of confrontations in the main car park and on route to the railway station. These disturbances involved around 300 supporters; Police with batons
drawn prevented the disorder from escalating.

Oxford v Burnley 15/04/2000

A large group of Burnley supporters attended a local public house prior to this fixture. This group turned on the police bottles, chairs were thrown and the
group damaged other furniture inside the pub. Whilst being escorted to the ground this group attempted to break through the police lines on six occasions.
At the end of the game the Burnley supporters were again escorted to the railway station. A splinter group of Burnley supporters fought with Oxford
supporters in the town centre. Police attended the scene and order was restored.

Colchester v Cambridge 22/04/00 Nationwide League Div 2

A group of Cambridge supporters numbering around fifty attended this fixture by train. They went via Ipswich attempting to avoid police detection. Half
of this group went to the match the other half stayed in a local public house. Just after half time the Cambridge group rushed out of the ground and went
and joined the other Cambridge group in the town centre. A confrontation had had just been arranged via mobile phone. Police prevented any disorder
between the rival groups. The Cambridge group was then escorted to the railway station and out of Colchester.

Bristol Rovers v Bristol City 22/04/00 Nationwide League Div 2

Police prevented disorder before and during this fixture. At the conclusion of the game a group of 70 Bristol City supporters were contacted via mobile
phone and invited to the railway station to confront rival supporters. This appears to have been a hoax call. On their arrival at the station they set upon
some innocent bystanders. At 9 pm that evening 50 rival supporters clashed at a public house. In the ensuing disorder all the pub windows were smashed.
Police attended and order was restored.

Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds Utd 29/04/00 Premier League

A group of Leeds supporters numbering around 80 in number took the local tram towards the ground. During the journey they vandalised the tram
disabling it. Police attended the scene to keep rival groups apart. The police then escorted the Leeds group to and from the stadium preventing disorder.
Later that evening Sheffield Wednesday supporters clashed with Sheffield United supporters. This led to eight arrests for public order offences.

Stoke City v Cardiff City 30/04/00 Nationwide League Div 2

Large-scale disorder occurred throughout the day of this fixture. A group of 200 Cardiff supporters smashed the windows on buses taking them from the
station to the ground, throwing seats out of the windows at officers. A group of around 300 Cardiff supporters under escort on foot to the stadium were
repeatedly ambushed by a group of around 600-800 Stoke supporters. Disorder continued outside the stadium with Stoke supporters attacking Police
and Cardiff supporters with bottles, bricks and temporary fencing. Several Police officers were injured and one police horse was hit by one of the many
seats thrown from the stand by Cardiff supporters. A circular saw and 100 Stanley knife blades were recovered during searches. There were 48 arrests
throughout the day.

Blackburn Rovers v Manchester City 7/05/00 Nationwide League Div 1

Around 4000 Manchester City fans infiltrated the home stands at this fixture. Prior to the fixture there were reports of street robberies as fans had their
tickets stolen. Shortly after kick off a safety gate was forced by around 300 Manchester City fans who then entered a home stand. At full time there was
a pitch invasion, during this thousands of pounds worth of audio equipment was stolen. There were some minor skirmishes outside the stadium between
rival supporters.

Luton v Oldham 06/05/00 Nationwide League Div 2

After the game the Oldham supporters were housed in a town centre pub. A short time later disorder occurred between the rival groups and damaged
was caused to a pub containing the Luton contingent. Police attended and escorted the Oldham group back to the railway station. A group of Oxford
supporters were at Kings Cross Station. At about this time a group of 30 Oldham supporters arrived by train from their match at Luton. Verbal threats
were exchanged between both groups .The rival groups were dispersed by police.

Bournemouth v Wigan 06/05/00 Nationwide League Div 2

Numerous Wigan supporters attended the town on the Friday evening and took part in heavy drinking sessions in various pubs. Following several minor
incidents in the town five Wigan supporters were detained for public order and assault. Visiting supporters stayed in the town on the Saturday and
returned to Wigan on the Sunday. No real problems encountered, although there were a couple of fights throughout the weekend involving Wigan
supporters fighting amongst themselves.

Rotherham v Swansea 6/05/2000-Nationwide League Div 3

This was a high profile fixture with the League championship to be decided. Police escorted Swansea supporters to the ground. During this escort some
skirmishes took place on route. As the escort reached the stadium missiles were thrown between the rival supporters. During the disturbances a Swansea
supporter sustained fatal injuries

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