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Football Disorder Log for Season 2000 / 2001

This is a chronological catalogue of those disorder reports submitted to the National Criminal Intelligence Service by police Football Intelligence Officers and British Transport Police officers during 2000/2001 season. Further details of these incidents or of those not reported to NCIS (and therefore not included in this report) should be obtained from the appropriate police force.

Hartlepool v Aberdeen 15/07/2000 - Pre Season Friendly
70 Aberdeen fans arrived at Newcastle by coach and then caught train to Hartlepool. Upon arrival violence occurred around the railway station area. After kick-off 20 fans were ejected from the ground and returned to the railway station where a further confrontation took place with home fans. At the end of the match a further disturbance took place at the railway station and the Aberdeen fans were eventually placed on a train and removed from the area. Major disorder only avoided by deployment of BTP officers and dog section and Cleveland police match units.

Cheltenham v Reading 18/07/00  - Pre-Season Friendly
Cheltenham Town played a pre-season friendly fixture against Reading. This was a steward-only fixture. Approximately five minutes after the kick off a group of eight Reading supporters arrived late at the turnstiles. As they were entering one of the group became involved in a confrontation with another male and a scuffle ensued. Other members of the group ran to join in, at which point the victim ran off towards a home entrance and managed to gain entry to the ground. Six members of the Reading group chased him. This sparked off disorder involving stewards trying to prevent their access to the ground, as a result of which punches and kicks were thrown, and racist comments made.  Six Reading supporters were subsequently arrested for violent disorder.

Grimsby Town v Dundee 21/07/2000 - Pre-Season Friendly
A group of 60 Dundee fans arrived at Cleethorpes station where disorder occurred with local fans. Swift intervention of BTP and Humberside police prevented further disorder. A fight involving 200 persons later occurred before order was restored.

Nottingham Forest v Leeds United 29/07/00 - Pre-Season Friendly
After this pre-season friendly Forest supporters attacked a group of Leeds supporters as they returned to their cars. Several Forest supporters were arrested as a result of this incident and a Leeds supporter was taken to hospital after being hit with a bottle.

Lincoln City v Grimsby Town 29/07/00 - Pre-Season Friendly
Prior to the match a group of around 25 Grimsby supporters attempted to attack a public house where Lincoln supporters were drinking. Police prevented disorder, with dog handlers being deployed. After the match the same location was again a flashpoint when Lincoln supporters tried to ambush the Grimsby supporters. The rival groups had been in contact with each other throughout the day via mobile phone. Although this was low-key pre-season friendly the two rival groups attended with a view to confronting each other and they were only prevented from doing so by a strong police presence.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Aston Villa Sunday 30/07/00 - Pre-Season Friendly
This match was a police-free fixture. At 3.10 pm disorder occurred at a public house in Wolverhampton town centre between rival supporters. A group of around 60 Wolves supporters smashed windows and attacked a group of 30 Aston Villa supporters who were drinking in the pub. Police attended and order was restored. A police vehicle was damaged during the disorder.

Exeter City v Everton 05/08/2000  Pre-Season Friendly
40 Plymouth fans attended at Exeter purporting to be on a birthday party. They were then joined by 40 Everton fans who arrived by train and a disturbance took place at the station. Police attended and the disturbance resolved. A group of Exeter City fans then arrived at the station and a further disturbance took place. Only the prompt arrival of back-up units prevented the BTP officers present being seriously assaulted.

Huddersfield Town v Leeds United 05/08/00 - Pre Season Friendly
Leeds fans travelling to Huddersfield were attacked upon arrival at railway station. During this disturbance BTP officers were singled out for attack. The Huddersfield fans made it clear to BTP officers that when no West Yorkshire police were present they would be attacked. After the match sporadic fighting outside station when again BTP came under attack. Officers with batons drawn and dog section repelled this attack. The Huddersfield group stated to officers that they were aware that BTP had few officers on duty and that they would be attacked when the opportunity arose.

Newport County v Cardiff City  07/08/2000 – Pre-Season Friendly
Pre-match intelligence was received that Newport and Cardiff fans would clash at Newport railway station between 6 and 7 pm. After much trouble in the town centre and around the railway station area 40 Cardiff fans were placed on a train and returned to Cardiff.

Preston North End 12/08/00 - Nationwide League Division 1
Prior to this match Grimsby supporters attacked a public house that the visiting Preston supporters were drinking in. A bottle fight took place in the road leaving injured parties from both sides. A further confrontation took place outside another pub when Grimsby supporters ambushed Preston supporters with bottles and glasses. Approximately 50 supporters were involved in this fight. Police attended and order was restored. A number of supporters received injuries; one Grimsby supporter suffering a deep head wound.

Charlton Athletic v Manchester City 12/08/00 - Premier League
Following the final whistle police were monitoring rival supporters. At about 6.30 pm a group of Manchester City supporters left a local public house. As they walked back towards Charlton railway station a group of Charlton supporters came out of another pub. Some verbal exchanges began followed by several bottles being thrown and some brief skirmishes. Police defused the situation and the City group was placed on a train back to London.

Huddersfield Town v Watford 12/08/00 - Nationwide League Division 1
As this fixture started, disorder occurred outside the ground between groups of Watford and Huddersfield supporters with stones being thrown by the Huddersfield group. Police at the ground dealt with this incident and one man was arrested. At the end of the fixture Huddersfield supporters made their way to a local pub in the Town Centre. Watford supporters were escorted to the railway station; as they passed the pub containing the Huddersfield supporters ashtrays were thrown towards the Watford group and the escorting police. Mounted officers prevented the Huddersfield group from leaving the pub. The Watford supporters were placed on the rail network and left the area.

Swansea City v Wigan Athletic 12/08/00 - Nationwide League Division 2
Following this fixture a group of 40 Swansea supporters made their way to a public house. On leaving the pub some of the Swansea supporters came across a group of students. The Swansea group mistakenly thought the students were from Cardiff and attacked them. One of the students had a bottle smashed into the side of the head, causing a wound that later required 40 stitches. The other seven all received injuries. The eight students eventually managed to escape and ran to a nearby pub pursued by the Swansea supporters. With the assistance of the staff the doors to the pub were shut and locked preventing the pursuing mob from getting in. The Swansea supporters proceeded to smash every window in the pub with an array of missiles found nearby, resulting in several of the customers who were already in there being cut by flying glass, some later requiring stitches. Police arrived and five Swansea supporters were arrested for serious assault and criminal damage.

Southend United v Brighton and Hove Albion 12/08/00 - Nationwide League Division 3
At the end of this fixture Brighton supporters left the stadium and attempted to wait in a group outside the main entrance for the Southend supporters. Police moved the Brighton group away from the ground and they then made their way to a local public house. A group of Southend supporters then attempted to make their way to the same venue. This led to the two groups meeting head on. Effective policing averted a serious public order situation. A further public order situation occurred about one hour later on the seafront outside another pub. Again, this incident saw a number of opposing supporters clashing, but police swiftly contained the situation.

Blackpool v Hull City 12/08/00 - Nationwide League Division 3
A large group of Hull supporters travelled to Blackpool on the Friday before this fixture. A group of 50 were refused entry to a nightclub in Blackpool. There was a police presence at this time and two arrests were made for offences of being Drunk and Disorderly. The group moved on and tried to gain access to another club. The doormen refused them access but the group then rushed the door and entered. Police were called to the premises and the group was ejected. On the day of the match a group of around 60 Hull supporters attacked a number of Blackpool supporters who were with children. This group also attacked Blackpool supporters queuing at the turnstiles. Mounted police officers charged this group who then ran off. One was arrested for a public order offence. In the ground after Blackpool scored, a group of Hull supporters could be seen moving towards the dividing fence and disorder was only prevented by a positive police response. The area remained tense throughout the game, with a number of the Hull supporters intimating trouble after the game. At the final whistle Hull supporters gathered on and under Bloomfield Road Bridge until there were about 150 of them. Police were required to move them away. A group of Blackpool supporters began shouting and gesturing abuse at the group from the open fire exit of a local club. The Hull supporters then charged at the Blackpool supporters. Police responded with a full baton and mounted charge and the Hull supporters retreated and were escorted along the Promenade until they split into smaller groups. They then boarded a train from Blackpool. At Preston Railway station they clashed with Burnley supporters returning from Bolton. One police officer was injured during the disorder.

Coventry City v Middlesbrough, 19/08/00 - Premier League
A glass was thrown at a Middlesbrough coach that had stopped to drop supporters off at a public house in the city. After the match outside the stadium a fight occurred between known Middlesbrough and Coventry supporters.

Disorder Barnsley Town Centre 19/08/00
70 Huddersfield Town supporters left Sheffield Town Centre, believed to be on the way home to Huddersfield.  The train had to pass through Barnsley Station. On arrival at Barnsley, there were a group of Barnsley supporters waiting on the platform. The Barnsley group jeered and one was seen to kick out at one of the train doors. Fortunately BTP officers were on the train and prevented anyone from getting off.  The train quickly moved out of the station; however, as it reached the next station, 30 of the Huddersfield supporters got off and made their way back into Barnsley Town Centre. In the town centre the Huddersfield supporters were attacked by a group of Barnsley supporters. A Huddersfield supporter was punched in the face and knocked unconscious. Police were quickly on the scene and prevented the situation from escalating.

West Ham United v Manchester United 26/08/2000 Premier League
Serious disorder occurred after the game in the Aldgate area. BTP dog handlers managed to separate a large group of fighting supporters.

Millwall v Swansea City 11/09/2000 Nationwide League Division 2
150 Swansea City hooligans travelled by train to London and made their way to London Bridge. A large police presence prevented any disorder before the match. After the game known Millwall supporters were forced back past South Bermondsey station. Serious disorder occurred with Millwall supporters throwing bricks, bottles, pieces of wood and scaffold poles at police officers. The Swansea group was escorted direct to Victoria. At Victoria, CS gas was discharged by one of this group. Eventually they were taken to Paddington and placed on an escorted train. When this train reached Cardiff Station the Swansea group attempted to alight and fight with a group of Cardiff hooligans who were waiting for them. Batons were drawn and order was restored. One man was arrested.

Tranmere Rovers v Sheffield Wednesday 16/09/00 - Nationwide League Division 1
After this fixture a group of 50 Sheffield Wednesday supporters tried to confront a group of 20 Tranmere supporters. Police escorted the Sheffield Wednesday supporters to the Railway Station preventing any disorder.

Chesterfield v Mansfield Town 16/09/00 - Nationwide League Division 3
Prior to this fixture groups of rival supporters were looking to confront each other. A group of Mansfield supporters were joined by a large number of Nottingham Forest supporters. Chesterfield had a number of Derby and Leicester supporters within their group. The Chesterfield supporters, numbering in excess of 300, gathered at local public houses. The Mansfield supporters smashed windows in a local pub after they were refused entry. There were a number of small incidents reported in various pubs prior to the fixture involving Mansfield supporters. At about 2.15 pm a group of 100 Mansfield and Nottingham Forest supporters began to make their way to the ground. They were attacked by a group of Chesterfield supporters with stones and sticks. Police attended and order was restored. As the group of Mansfield supporters were being walked to the away end of the ground a group of around 400 Chesterfield supporters confronted them. Police with batons drawn managed to keep the rival groups apart. The Chesterfield supporters were escorted to their end of the ground. Shortly before kick off another group of Mansfield and Nottingham Forest supporters were escorted to the ground. This group of supporters confronted a group of approximately 200 Chesterfield supporters. Police were vastly outnumbered and had to use batons both to protect themselves and to prevent both groups causing a major public order problem. Eventually the Mansfield Group was escorted into the away end. During the match both sets of supporters were shouting and baiting each other but when Chesterfield scored their fourth goal 150 Mansfield supporters left the ground and made their way to the home end. On seeing this the Chesterfield supporters left the Kop and ran to meet the Mansfield supporters. The Chesterfield supporters forced a large double gate open and a confrontation took place between the two groups. Police at the scene struggled to keep the groups apart until reinforcements arrived. The Chesterfield supporters were then forced back into the ground and the gates were shut whilst the Mansfield supporters were escorted away from the ground.

Norwich City v Crystal Palace 16/09/00 - Nationwide League Division 1
After this fixture disorder broke out between rival supporters, with beer glasses and bottles being thrown. One man sustained injuries during the disorder.

Wrexham v Walsall 23/09/00 - Nationwide League Division 2
Following a relatively quiet match with little incident about 20 Walsall supporters made their way to the station at the end of the match. As they arrived at the station 20 Wrexham supporters ran onto the station approach and attacked them. During the fight the glass panels in the doors to the station were smashed. Police attended and a number of arrests were made. Both groups were kept apart and dispersed and there were no further incidents.

Huddersfield Town v Burnley 23/09/2000 – Nationwide League Division 1
125 Burnley fans got on a train to travel to Huddersfield including five known hooligans. The fans got off the train at Halifax to seek a confrontation. Good intelligence and sufficient police resources prevented serious disorder. As a result of further intelligence the return service was adequately policed and the fans were prevented from leaving the train. A classic example of good police work involving three forces. One man was arrested for public order offence

Blackburn Rovers v Bolton Wanderers 23/09/00 - Nationwide League Division 1
Serious disorder was prevented by an extensive policing operation. During the game there were two small fights inside the stadium. A home supporter was also arrested for shouting racist abuse at a player. Post match police monitored two groups of supporters as they moved away from the ground; the two groups swelled to about 100 Bolton and 50 Blackburn. The two groups shadowed each other on opposite sides of the road, separated by foot and mounted officers. Firm policing and the presence of mounted officers prevented disorder. The Bolton supporters made an attempt to break the escort but again the presence of the mounted officers was vital in holding them in place. They were escorted to the train station. At 7pm police attended an incident where a group of 15 Bolton supporters were causing problems in a public house near Blackburn's ground. They were removed by police but went to a second pub where they again caused problems. They were again removed and one arrest was made. The remainder were placed in a taxi minibus but 100 yards up the road the taxi stopped and the Bolton supporters alighted and attacked four drunken Blackburn supporters. Three more arrests were made and the group was escorted out of Blackburn. A number of Blackburn supporters were involved in disorder in the town centre later in the evening with other local men.

Wrexham v Walsall 23/09/2000 – Nationwide League Division 2
20/30 fans were fighting on the station. The situation was resolved by two BTP officers who placed themselves between the two groups. Two people were arrested.

Manchester City v Newcastle United 30/09/00 - Premier League
Prior to this fixture a group of about 40 Newcastle supporters went to a local public house where Manchester City supporters were drinking and fighting broke out inside. There was also fighting outside another pub close by. Police units attended and order was restored. The Newcastle group made their way to the ground without any further significant incident. After the game police escorted the Newcastle supporters to the train station. Groups of Manchester City supporters made at least two attempts to attack this escort, but were prevented by the police. Once the Newcastle supporters had boarded the train the City groups dispersed.

Hull City v Cardiff City 30/09/00 - Nationwide League Division 3
Police in public order equipment had to be deployed to prevent serious disorder at this fixture. Hull supporters bombarded Police with pool balls, bottles, bricks and glasses. On making arrests police found a number of the supporters were carrying pieces of heavy duty copper cable.

Arsenal v Manchester United  01/10/00  – Premier League
150 Manchester United known hooligans travelled by train to London. This group made their way to the Holloway Road area, eventually increasing their numbers to 200. No disorder occurred before the match due to large numbers of police. After the game the two hooligan groups were monitored along Drayton Park to the Holloway Road. Once they both realised there were only a few police officers present they charged at each other. Batons were drawn and order was restored. The Manchester United group was corralled and taken to Euston. Over 50 of this group alighted at Watford Junction and caused problems all evening in Watford. They eventually caught the last train to Manchester. This group caused disorder on the train with passengers being abused and sprayed with fire extinguishers. Two females were indecently assaulted.

Disorder Blackburn town centre 04/10/00 - Nationwide League Division 1
A group of 25 Blackburn supporters were involved in disorder at three local public houses. At 9.30 pm they were refused entry to a local pub. A fight ensued and the doormen were attacked, one of them was bottled and another suffered a nasty cut to his arm. The situation was resolved by the arrival of police. At around 10.30 pm the same group, now numbering 20 attended a second pub where they encountered four males of Turkish origin. These males were abused and then attacked. The doormen intervened and they too were attacked. Police attended but the fighting had already stopped and no complaints were forthcoming. This incident was recorded as a racial attack. At 1 am the last 10-15 of this group were inside a pub when a totally unrelated fight broke out between two or three men. The Blackburn supporters immediately joined in for no reason and again a doorman was bottled. This fight spilled out onto the street but the group dispersed quickly on police arrival. No arrests were made

Bristol City v Bournemouth 06/10/00 - Nationwide League Division 2
This match was moved to the Friday night due to the England fixture on 07/10/200 and was designated "police free". As soon as the match started there was a tense atmosphere that eventually led to two City supporters being ejected following incidents in two stands. Stewards dealt with a number of incidents in all three home stands. With two minutes remaining Bournemouth scored to make the result 3 - 3. Two home supporters ran onto the pitch from the Dolman Stand and one went to push the referee. The other threatened the referee. One was detained and eventually arrested. Following the final whistle, as the referee was leaving the pitch, a number of objects - including plastic bottles and coins - were thrown. As the away supporters left the stadium they were subject to abuse and minor confrontations occurred in both car parks. The visiting coach was surrounded and abuse directed at the occupants.

England v Germany 07/10/2000 World Cup 2002 Qualifier
Overall a quiet event in central London. Hooligan groups from all over the country travelled by train to the capital. The most serious disorder occurred outside Wembley Stadium when a group of 400 attempted to attack German supporters. After the game a group of Wolves/Plymouth/Leicester attempted to fight with a group of Nottingham Forest/Mansfield outside St Pancras station. There were two people arrested and one reported by BTP at Euston station. On the return train journey there was violence on the London Euston to Birmingham train when two groups of Aston Villa and Birmingham fans clashed. The nine officers on the train battled to retain order and in the ensuing disorder two people were injured. In a further disturbance on a train between Warrington and Wigan only the presence of the police prevented major disorder.

Cambridge United v Luton Town 13/10/00 - Nationwide League Division 3
A group of 40 Luton supporters travelled by train and then drank heavily in a couple of Cambridge city centre public houses before the game.  They had a number of minor fights with local Cambridge people prior to this fixture. After the match the group went back to a city centre pub. A few more minor skirmishes took place on the main street before they went to the railway station to catch the last train.

Ipswich Town v West Ham United 14/10/2000 - Premier League
At around 7.30 pm a group of 40 Ipswich supporters approached the public house where the West Ham supporters were drinking. The Ipswich supporters stood outside and taunted the West Ham group. Police held the West Ham group in the pub and the Ipswich group then confronted police and arrests were made. Police used batons and CS spray during the disorder.

Leicester City v Manchester United 14/10/00 - Premier League
After the game the Manchester supporters waited outside the stadium until a group of rival supporters exited the stadium. Police officers struggled to keep the rival groups apart. A group of Leicester supporters were waiting at the railway station for the returning supporters from Manchester. Disorder took place when the Leicester supporters stormed out of a local pub throwing bottles and stones. They were forced away by police officers.

Disorder in Blackburn 14/10/00
A group of around 30 Stockport supporters returning from their fixture in Burnley made their way to Blackburn where they drank in a local public house until 11pm before making their way to the railway station. On one of the platforms disorder took place between this group and other rail passengers. Police attended and arrested four Stockport supporters for assault and public order offences.

Leicester City v. Manchester United 14/10/200 – Premier League
The Manchester United main group stopped off at Derby for a drink and did not arrive at Leicester until 2.30 pm. Pre-match was quiet although the Leicester group was waiting at the station for man United to arrive. Post match the Leicester group were waiting at the station for man United to arrive back and when they did, Leicester stormed out of local pubs and disorder occurred including bottles, bricks and coins thrown at police. The Leicester group then tried to enter the rear of the station but were repelled by police. Only prompt police action prevented major disorder occurring.

Swansea City v Stoke City 14/10/00 Nationwide League Division 2
A group of 80 Stoke supporters made their way to a local public house in Swansea. A group of around 200 Swansea supporters had gathered at another public house. There was a great deal of mobile telephone organisation between the two groups. The Swansea group then started to make their way to where the Stoke supporters were.  A strong police presence prevented the two groups from clashing. The Swansea group then made a concerted effort to attack the coaches carrying visiting supporters. A large police presence with batons drawn forced them back. The Swansea group were dispersed and taken under escort to another pub, where a police presence was maintained. A decision was made to clear the lane of people drinking and to house them in the pub.  Requests were made and warnings given, before the fully protected officers moved to clear the area. At this time missiles were thrown at the officers, batons were drawn and the majority of the violent supporters were cleared from the lane into the pub Some of this group made their way back to where the Stoke supporters were. The Stoke supporters were then walked under police escort to the stadium. Several attempts were made by the Swansea group to attack the Stoke supporters, but they were unable to do so due to the presence of Police.

West Bromwich Albion v Wolverhampton Wanderers 17/10/00 Nationwide League Division 1
A group in excess of 100 Wolves supporters were met by police and escorted towards the ground. At this time there were various reports of disorder in close proximity to the ground resulting in one Wolves supporter being knocked unconscious. This disorder was quickly dealt with by police. The Wolves supporters were kept under escort and taken towards the ground. On route a group of 80 Albion supporters attempted to confront them but police kept both groups apart. The Albion group had to pass the rear of the Wolves stand and attempted to break into the ground via the exit gate; police again prevented this and the group then moved off to their end of the ground. Due to this provocation the Wolves group attempted to break free from their escort but were prevented from doing so and then entered the ground. During the match a number of Wolves supporters attempted to come onto the pitch but police and stewards prevented this. At the end of the fixture the Wolves group and the Albion group walked off in the same direction. Disorder broke out between the two groups, now numbered in excess of 100. During this altercation a Wolves supporter was slashed causing serious injuries to his right wrist, which required hospital treatment. Officers using batons eventually separated both groups. Following the game a CS gas canister was recovered from the Paddock area of the ground (this was the section of the stadium occupied by the Albion supporters).

Chesterfield v Brighton and Hove Albion 21/10/00 - Nationwide League Division 3
Prior to this match Chesterfield supporters confronted a group of around 100 Brighton supporters. The groups threw missiles at each other, mainly bottles and glasses. Police attended and the groups dispersed. Some missiles were also thrown inside the stadium during the game following Chesterfield’s winning goal. After the match rival supporters again fought with each other in the town centre. Ten people were arrested.

Stoke City v Millwall 21/10/00 - Nationwide League Division 2
By 1.40 pm in the region of 350 Millwall supporters, equally matched by the same number of Stoke supporters, were in the same area ready to confront each another. Individuals within these groups were wearing scarves across their faces to conceal their identity. Police escorted the Millwall supporters to the ground. There were a number of attempts by Stoke supporters to intercept the escort. The match kicked off on time with all the Millwall and Stoke troublesome supporters still on their way to the stadium. Three minutes after kick-off there was an outbreak of disorder outside the west stand near to the ticket office; this was quickly dealt with by police. Towards the end of the match the gesturing between the home supporters in the lower McEwans Stand and the away supporters in the South Stand escalated into coin throwing. Millwall supporters began breaking up seats and throwing them down towards the Stoke supporters, police and stewards on the track. A small number of known Nottingham Forest supporters were also identified in the McEwans Stand with the Stoke supporters. The disorder that started inside the stadium continued outside. Police were required to use batons and CS incapacitant spray to keep opposing supporters apart and maintain order. All available resources from the force were drafted into the stadium area for the after match operation. Police and steward deployments within the fenced area at the rear of the away end and away coach park contained Millwall supporters, and this containment was held for 40 minutes. An away coach had a window smashed by Stoke supporters throwing missiles into the coach park area. Once order was restored the Millwall supporters were escorted to Stoke railway station. Stoke supporters attempted to intercept the escorted column but police deployments prevented major problems developing. There were a number of outbreaks of disorder in Stoke town centre, however these were aimed mainly at the Police as the Stoke supporters could not get to the Millwall supporters.

Manchester United v Leeds United 21/10/00 - Premier League
After this fixture a large group of Manchester United supporters made their way to Stockport. This group, numbering over 100 attacked police officers with glasses and bottles before being dispersed. Five arrests were made.

Reading v Oxford United 28/10/00 - Nationwide League Division 2
Disorder occurred prior to this fixture in Reading Town centre between opposing supporters. Oxford supporters threw glasses and chairs, which resulted in injuries being sustained by three Reading supporters. Another disturbance took place one hour later. Two Reading supporters were injured and hospitalised.

West Ham United v Newcastle United 28/10/2000 - Premier League
A group of West Ham fans tried to attack Newcastle fans on a London Underground station. When prevented from doing so by police they began smashing fittings on the train. Four people were arrested.

Millwall v Cambridge United 28/10/2000  - Nationwide League Division 2
Disorder occurred at London Bridge station when a group of Millwall fans attacked other youths resulting in one man being thrown onto the tracks [live rail].

Swansea City v Bristol City 31/10/00 - Nationwide League Division 2
A coach carrying Bristol City supporters made their way to a public house used by Swansea supporters. This group caused criminal damage estimated at around £10,000. There followed running battles with police as Swansea supporters attempted to get at the Bristol supporters. During these periods of serious violent disorder three police officers were injured and a police dog was blinded in one eye by flying glass.

Chesterfield v Cardiff City 28/10/00 - Nationwide League Division 3
Cardiff and Chesterfield supporters were in the town drinking prior to this fixture. Disturbances took place outside a local public house used by Chesterfield supporters when a bus containing Cardiff supporters stopped to drop off nearby. A group of around 50 Cardiff supporters then fought with the Chesterfield supporters. During the game, which was police free, Cardiff supporters forced their way in to the sterile area separating the rival supporters. Approximately 100 Cardiff supporters attempted to enter the area. Missiles were thrown and about 60 Cardiff supporters managed to force their way in to this area. Police were then deployed inside the ground and batons were again used and an arrest was made from the sterile area. Police officers then stayed inside the ground and order was restored.

Wrexham v Stoke City  04/11/00 - Nationwide League Division 2
A group of 150 Stoke supporters went into Wrexham town centre prior to this fixture with a view to attacking rival supporters. When the two groups met bottles were thrown and obscenities exchanged, but a strong police presence prevented any further problems. One Wrexham supporter was arrested at this point. The Wrexham supporters were pushed back towards town and the Stoke supporters were escorted away. As this was happening a Stoke supporter was glassed, which resulted in fighting outside Woolworth’s on Regent Street, between rival supporters. This continued for a while before a police presence prevented further problems. A short while after this incident a Wrexham supporter was bottled, which again ended with fighting between rival supporters. This was again stopped on arrival of police. Both groups were prevented from meeting again by a strong police presence, which resulted in only minor problems thereafter.

Lincoln City v Chesterfield 04/11/00 - Nationwide League Division 3
After this match a group of 25 Lincoln supporters attempted to attack the Chesterfield supporters at the train station. Police prevented disorder.

Coventry City v Manchester United 04/11/00 - Premier League
Prior to this fixture a group of 50 Coventry supporters were drinking at a local public house. Six Manchester United supporters managed to get into the pub and disorder broke out. Police entered and managed to get the Manchester United supporters out. Further disorder broke out involving approximately 50 Coventry and 80 Manchester supporters. Police attended and separated the rival groups. After Manchester United scored the first goal disorder broke out inside the stadium. Just after half time a man ran onto the pitch and play had to be stopped until stewards removed him. After the match a group of 50 Manchester supporters were escorted from the stadium to a local pub. Disorder broke out in the street with bottles and glasses being thrown. Police drew and used their batons. One male received a leg injury during the disorder. The Manchester supporters were pushed back in the direction of the city centre. They grouped again by the ring road and then headed into the city centre and housed themselves in a pub. Coventry supporters then attempted to get to this pub. A police cordon was placed across the road and the Coventry group was forced back. At 6 pm the group from Manchester (approx. 120) were escorted to the railway station with no further incidents taking place. They were then put on a train out of Coventry.

Chesterfield v Hull City 11/11/00 - Nationwide League Division 3
Police attended a local pub where Hull supporters had gathered. This group, numbering around 100, was then escorted to the ground. Prior to the group leaving windows were smashed in the pub. When the game commenced the rival supporters baited each other. After 20 minutes a disturbance took place. Hull supporters entered the field of play and fought with Chesterfield supporters. After five minutes order was restored and play continued. A presence of stewards and police prevented any repeat.

Grimsby Town v Birmingham City 11/11/00 - Nationwide League Division 1
This fixture was called off at 1.30 pm. Disturbance took place at 3.15 pm involving Birmingham supporters at the Ticket Office. Further disorder took place at a local pub involving rival supporters. Police attended and the rival groups were split up.

Birmingham City v Burnley 18/11/00 - Nationwide Division1
A group of 60 Burnley supporters were escorted to the ground. On route to the ground a group of around 50 Birmingham supporters attempted to attack the Burnley group. Police quickly dealt with this. After the match about 200 Birmingham supporters were waiting for the Burnley supporters. Inside the club car park fights broke out over the segregation fencing and officers had to enter the club property. Officers then had to use batons to restore order and were required to call resources from surrounding areas to deal with this disorder. The Burnley supporters were then escorted back to New Street Station. The Birmingham supporters again followed the escort all the way but due to the increased numbers of officers there were no further confrontations.

Kidderminster Harriers v Burton Albion 18/11/2000 - FA Cup First round
A group of 30 Burton fans including some Derby County supporters were escorted back to Kidderminster station. Upon arrival, local fans on the station platform attacked them. Police attended and two people were arrested

Sheffield United v Grimsby Town 18/11/2000 - Nationwide League Division One
After the above match a group of Grimsby Town supporters went to Meadowhall interchange and attacked at group of Arab students. The group was subjected to racial abuse and an assault to one victim.

Stoke City v Nuneaton Borough 18/11/2000 - FA Cup
A group of 35 Oxford United supporters travelled to Macclesfield for their FA Cup match. They travelled by train and some of the individuals in the group were the subject of Banning Orders. On the return they got off at Stoke and were drinking in the buffet when they were attacked by 50 Stoke hooligans. There was serious damage to the buffet and one BTP officer was badly assaulted.

Aldershot Town v Brighton and Hove Albion 18/11/00 - FA Cup First Round
Aldershot supporters assaulted a group of Brighton supporters in the build up to this match. Other Brighton supporters witnessed this. This led to a public house containing Aldershot supporters being attacked with bottles and glasses. One Aldershot supporter received serious facial injuries. During the match the supporters throw numerous missiles at each other across the segregation area. A strong police presence prevented any disorder at the end of the fixture.

Macclesfield Town v Oxford United 18/11/00 - FA Cup First Round
During the match Oxford supporters held up the game for about five minutes when they pulled the net down from one of the goals. At the end of the match around 40 Oxford supporters left the train at Stoke. They then went to the buffet at the railway station where they were attacked by a group of around 50 Stoke supporters.  The buffet was seriously damaged and a number of Oxford supporters were assaulted. A British Transport Police Officer was injured during the disorder.

Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal 18/12/2000 –  Premier League
After the game a large group of Spurs fans congregated outside the ground intent on confrontation with arsenal fans. The Arsenal fans could not be taken to Seven Sisters station due to the level of violence on the street so the Metropolitan Police took them to White Hart Lane station.  The group was attacked en route and upon entry into the station they were attacked on the platform. Police made several arrests.

Manchester City v Manchester United 18/11/00 - Premier League
A group of 400 Manchester United supporters were brought to the ground under police escort. A coach containing Manchester United supporters was showered with bottles and cans as it made its way to the ground. At the end of this fixture known Manchester United supporters were escorted by police to the city centre. Large groups of City supporters filled the surrounding side streets, attempting to attack the United group. Some City supporters were in possession of smoke bombs and distress flares, which they let off, adding to the confusion. There were some outbreaks of fighting, but the police managed to maintain control and keep the disturbances to a minimum.

Fulham v Portsmouth 18/11/2000 - Nationwide League Division 1
Portsmouth supporters were very loud and vocal. A lot of gestures were made towards the Fulham supporters. Following Fulham's first goal, a number of items were thrown onto the pitch, including plastic bottles. After a decision by a line official against a Portsmouth player, the Portsmouth supporters became quite hostile towards the officials. This resulted in missiles ranging from toilet paper, bottles and a golf ball being thrown onto the pitch. Towards the end of the match the Portsmouth supporters became quite hostile in their manner towards the officials, especially after two Portsmouth players were sent off. Prior to full time a large number of despondent Portsmouth supporters began to leave the ground. Some were slow to leave, preferring to stay and jeer the officials as they walked off the pitch and to confront the police by the tunnel. Once outside the ground Portsmouth supporters hung around looking for confrontation with police and the Fulham supporters, which again resulted in several missiles being thrown at Police. Slight disorder also occurred outside a local pub.

Coventry City v Aston Villa 25/11/00 - Premier League
During the match Villa supporters stayed in a public house by the railway station. At approximately 4pm 40 Coventry supporters attempted to confront the Villa group but good policing prevented any disorder and kept the two sides firmly apart. The Aston Villa supporters were then escorted to the train station and escorted by British Transport Police back to Birmingham New Street.

Grimsby Town v Crystal Palace 05/12/00 - Nationwide League Division 1
Two arrests were made for pitch encroachment and assault, towards the end of the match. After the game a small disturbance took place when Grimsby supporters attempted to ambush the escorted away coaches.

Arsenal v Newcastle United 09/12/2000 Premier League
On a train returning from this fixture, a group of Newcastle fans attacked a male passenger and his two children, one of whom was threatened with a broken bottle. One male was arrested on train.

Coventry City v Leicester City 10/12/00 - Premier League
A group of 100 Leicester supporters were dropped off from two coaches near to where 70 Coventry supporters were drinking. The coaches were damaged and went straight back to Leicester, refusing to take the Leicester group back. Police escorted the Leicester group to the ground. A group of Coventry supporters sought to confront the Leicester supporters and police needed to draw batons to keep them on opposite sides of the road. 22 Leicester supporters were arrested to prevent a further breach of the peace. During the match 40 Leicester supporters left the match and made their way to a local pub. On arrival at the pub a confrontation took place between the supporters and locals already drinking there. A Leicester supporter received a head wound from a glass. Police then escorted the Leicester supporters to the railway station. During a police search pool balls and a CS gas canister were found behind a wall where the Coventry supporters had been stopped.

Sheffield United v Sheffield Wednesday 16/12/00 - Nationwide League Division 1
There was serious disorder in Sheffield City centre after this fixture. At 5.30 pm a group of 250 United supporters appeared at a public house in the city centre. At same time over 200 Wednesday supporters left Hillsborough and boarded the supertram to the city centre. The rival groups made their way to West Street. Police formed a cordon across the road when the Wednesday group alighted from the supertram and the pub containing the United group was surrounded by police in an attempt to prevent confrontation and serious disorder. Batons and CS incapcitants were used when the United group did a starburst from the pub and the Wednesday group charged the police line.  The United group caused damage to the pub. Both groups were dispersed, but fighting broke out in different parts of the centre. The two main groups were gradually fragmented following police searches and in excess of 30 arrests were made.

Manchester United v Liverpool 17/12/00 - Premier League
A coach containing Liverpool supporters was stopped by police and taken to a secure area where a police search was enforced. As a result of the search a large number of weapons were recovered from the floor of the coach including Stanley knives, iron bars, ammonia sprays, knuckle-dusters and CS gas sprays disguised as pens. An amount of drugs was also recovered. When the stadium was checked at the end of this fixture 150 seats in the visitors’ section of the stadium were found to have been damaged.

Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal 18/12/2000 - Premier League
After the game a large group of Spurs fans congregated outside the ground intent on confrontation with Arsenal fans. The Arsenal fans could not be taken to Seven Sisters station due to the level of violence on the street so police took them to White Hart Lane station.  The group was attacked en route and upon entry onto the station they were attacked on the platform. Police made several arrests.

Bristol City v Bristol Rovers 22/12/00 - Nationwide League Division 2
During the game the crowd was subdued until City scored 3 goals early in the second half, at which point the atmosphere changed. On checking the stadium the following day over three hundred seats were found to have been broken, the majority of which were in the Williams Stand in an area set aside for the visitors.

Port Vale v Rotherham United 22/12/00 - Nationwide League Division 2
Disorder broke out between rival supporters prior to this fixture. This resulted in two Rotherham supporters needing first aid treatment. Police resources were called in and the two sides were kept apart.

Lincoln City v Scunthorpe United 26/12/00 - Nationwide League Division 3
Rival supporters fought with each other after this fixture. A group of 40 Lincoln supporters attacked visiting supporters in the High Street until police dispersed the rival groups.

Huddersfield Town v Sheffield Wednesday 30/12/2000 Nationwide League Division1
After this fixture fighting broke out between rival groups in the town centre. A group of Huddersfield supporters attacked the Sheffield supporters at a local public house. Police dispersed the groups and the Sheffield supporters were removed and taken under escort back to the railway station.

Newcastle United v Manchester United 30/12/2000 - Premier League
150 Manchester fans travelled by train for this fixture. A further group of 60 fans travelled from Hartlepool. West Yorkshire police and rail staff, at Huddersfield and Castleford ejected 22 fans from trains for disorderly behaviour and ticket offences. The Manchester fans remained on the rail network until 11.15 pm. At 7.25 pm 15 Manchester United fans entered the buffet on York station and stole a quantity of alcohol.

Leyton Orient v Tottenham Hotspur 06/01/2001 - FA Cup 3rd Round
40 Spurs hooligans travelled by tube to Leyton. There were no problems during the match but at 7.30 pm they were seen in Kings Cross. They eventually targeted a group of Chelsea fans in a bar and one person was beaten unconscious. The group then dispersed.

Blackburn Rovers v Chester City 06/01/01 - FA Cup 3rd Round
Chester supporters drank in town centre public houses prior to this match. There was a brief confrontation when six Blackburn supporters met a group of 30 Chester supporters. The Chester supporters were escorted to the ground at about 2.30 pm. The kick off was delayed by 15 minutes as 3,000 Chester supporters had travelled without tickets and there were large queues at the away ticket office. After the match Chester supporters were escorted from the stadium. A small group of Blackburn supporters attacked the escort and disorder again took place. Batons and horses were used by police to drive the Chester group back and further arrests were made. Another fight took place at the railway station between rival supporters.

Blackburn Rovers v Preston North End 10/01/01 - Nationwide League Division 1
At the end of this fixture a large fight took place between rival Blackburn and Preston supporters. Police used batons to disperse the rival supporters. Outside a local public house further disorder took place as Blackburn supporters inside tried to force their way past mounted officers blocking the door in an attempt to attack the Preston supporters being escorted by police.

Millwall v Wigan Athletic 12/01/01 - Nationwide League Division 2
Police prevented rival supporters clashing at London Bridge prior to this fixture. At the game there were two small scuffles outside the ground, and 15 Millwall supporters were removed from the Wigan stand. At the end of the match when the Wigan supporters were being escorted to the station, a group of 100 Millwall supporters gathered with the intent of attacking visiting supporters. Police officers deployed were able to force them away. Some of this group then ran round the side streets to get ahead of the escort. They then threw bricks and bottles at the police lines before being dispersed.

Disorder Manchester city centre 13/01/01
Manchester City were playing Leeds at home, and Manchester United were away at Bradford. After this fixture Manchester City supporters made their way to a local public house. The doors were closed prior to 2000 hrs, as it was full, with around 400 people within. Manchester United supporters then came back into Manchester. At 9.20 pm the City supporters left their pub and attempted to make their way towards the United group. Police resources attempted to prevent this and came under attack from bottles and other articles, prompting a police baton charge. The disorder continued for some time. Incidents of disorder were reported all around the city centre until 2 am involving both City and United factions.

Bradford City v Manchester United 13/01/01 - Premier League
During this game rival supporters clashed with each other inside the stadium. Several fights erupted and there was spitting and verbal abuse between the supporters. Several arrests were made. At the end of the match there were sporadic outbursts of fighting between the rival groups. A section of the Manchester United supporters made their way to the city centre. This group fought with anyone who challenged them on route. As the Manchester group passed through Centenary Square individual fights occurred between rival groups.

Leeds United v Newcastle United 20/01/2000 - Premier League
A group of Newcastle United fans alighted a train at Leeds city station and went into a bar on the concourse. The bar was then attacked by a group of Leeds fans who had de-camped from another public house on the new concourse. Officers attended and dispersed the groups. A fire extinguisher and bar table were thrown through the bar windows during the disturbance.

Derby v Manchester City 22/01/01 - Premier League
After this game around 20 Derby supporters went to a public house. Inside were around 20 men on a stag 'do'. Derby ran into the pub and attacked them with pool balls cues and chairs, bottles and glasses. The fight only lasted 30 seconds but left one man from each side unconscious and another from Essex with ten stitches in his mouth.

Bradford city v Manchester United 27/01/2001 - Premier League
Intelligence for this fixture indicated that Manchester and Leeds fans had planned disorder at Halifax. After disturbances in Halifax the Manchester fans travelled by train to Bradford. As some Manchester fans used mob tactics to avoid paying fares all season a barrier check aided by police was set up at Bradford and over £1000 was collected. After the match Leeds fans again started grouping and it became obvious that disorder was planned. All the Manchester fans were placed on the train back to Manchester and police on board ensured that they did not get off en route to prevent disorder. This operation was an example of an excellent policing plan between BTP areas and two other forces whereby the policing tactics used on the day prevented major disorder.

Blackburn Rovers v Derby County 27/01/2001 - FA Cup
A group of Derby supporters arrived and went to a public house used by Blackburn supporters. After the match it was discovered that the tyres on the mini-buses the Derby supporters had travelled in had been slashed. The Derby group ended up back in the pub used by Blackburn supporters. A group of Blackburn supporters gathered in a nearby bar. They then went to where the Derby supporters were and attacked them. Serious disorder then took place with bottles, pool cues and balls and furniture being used. Police reinforcements attended and order was restored. There was a further fight inside a matter of minutes later with some Blackburn stragglers still inside. At least one Blackburn supporter was knocked unconscious and one Derby supporter suffered a nasty bottle wound to the head. There were 13 arrests during the day for a variety of offences.

Manchester City v Coventry City 27/01/01 - Premier League
Manchester City were at home to Coventry in the FA Cup, at Maine Road. Manchester City won the game with a late goal, which sparked off disorder in the ground. Rival supporters attempted to breach the segregation to fight. It took several minutes to restore order. Manchester City supporters gathered outside the ground. They attempted to confront the Coventry supporters. Eventually the area outside the ground was cleared and the visiting fans were able to exit the stadium and make their way to their transport. Four police officers sustained injuries ranging from a broken finger to one having a cigarette stubbed out on his face.

Derby County v Sunderland 06/02/01 - Premier League
During the game the netting was ripped apart by both sides as the banter got out of control. For about two minutes serious disorder occurred in this area before police again took control.

Huddersfield Town v Nottingham Forest 07/02/01 - Nationwide League Division1
After this match disturbance took place at Huddersfield railway station between Huddersfield and Nottingham Forest supporters on the platforms and missiles thrown between the groups. Police restored order and the Huddersfield supporters left the area. The Huddersfield supporters were later involved in disturbance at a local nightclub.

Mansfield Town v Chesterfield Town 17/02/01 - Nationwide League Division 3
Both Mansfield and Chesterfield groups were out in strength. Mansfield were backed up with Nottingham Forest and Chesterfield with Leicester City supporters. The total numbers on both sides would be in the region of 350 / 400. By 12.30 pm the Mansfield supporters had grouped up to number about 200 and they had started to look for the Chesterfield group. As the Chesterfield supporters were being escorted by a strong line of police, there were a number of confrontations. There were attempts made by Mansfield to get at the Chesterfield group but again they were held back. Once inside the ground, the Mansfield hooligans had joined up in force near to where the Chesterfield hooligans were congregated. There were no incidents inside the ground during the match. Apart from the normal shouting at each other and the banter. This was due to the large number of police officers inside separating the two sets of supporters. After the match both sets of fans started throwing cones, stones and bottles at each other and at the police. The Mansfield supporters were escorted towards the town centre again a large number ran of towards the bus station area where the Chesterfield supporters were waiting for a bus home. Again there were a number of fights.

Disorder London to Nottingham 17/02/01
A group of Nottingham Forest fans travelling back on a train from London after their match with Fulham began abusing passengers on the train. The group then began damaging fittings and harassing passengers. During the disturbance a serious indecent assault was made on the female train manager. Upon arrival at Loughborough police met the train and five people were arrested for criminal damage and indecent assault.

Rotherham supporters 20/01/01
Rotherham travelled to Notts County and, on returning to Sheffield, they were involved in a fight with Sheffield Wednesday supporters which resulted in one youth being taken to Rotherham hospital with head injuries.

Sheffield Wednesday v Bolton Wanderers 20/01/01 - Nationwide League Division1
After the match a fight involving a group over 30 rival supporters was reported at Hillsborough Corner.  Upon police arrival at the scene, the groups had dispersed. One supporter sustained a facial injury which required medical attention.

Bury v Stoke City 20/02/2001 - Nationwide League Division Two [postponed match]
After the above match was called off, 30 drunken Stoke City fans boarded a train at Manchester Piccadilly. The group became aggressive towards officers at Macclesfield station and officers had to draw batons to control them.

Leicester City v Arsenal 20/01/01 - Premier League
Leicester were at home to Arsenal. There were no problems before or during the game. After the match disorder took place at the train station involving both sets of supporters. The Arsenal group had made their way from the city and the Leicester group had made their way from the top of London Road away from the police and CCTV. The groups fled on arrival of police.

Norwich City v Celtic 22/01/01 Testimonial Match
Norwich City played Glasgow Celtic in a Testimonial. A group of Norwich supporters charged towards some Celtic supporters. They attempted to enter the pub where the Celtic supporters were drinking. They were forced back by police officers. The Celtic supporters inside had to be prevented from coming out of the pub. Further police officers had to be deployed to prevent disorder-taking place

Aston Villa v Leicester City 27/01/01 - FA Cup
Prior to the match in Birmingham City centre approximately 40 Leicester supporters got off a train at 10.25 am and went drinking in a city centre pub, monitored by police. Throughout the morning this group swelled to about 75.From about noon onwards Villa supporters started gathering in another bar about 50 metres away. The Villa group numbered about 50. At 1.30 pm both groups emerged from their respective pubs and tried confronting each other right in the middle of Birmingham's busiest pedestrian shopping area This was prevented by police with batons drawn. The rival groups traded punches and some bottles were thrown.

Southampton v Sheffield Wednesday 27/01/01 - FA Cup
A group of about 20 Wednesday fans arrived early by rail and went into a local public house. An incident occurred inside the premises between rival supporters, resulting in a local man being wounded by one of the visitors.  He was taken to hospital by ambulance with a head injury.  A suspect was arrested shortly after the incident.

Bolton Wanderers v Blackburn Rovers 23/02/2001 - Nationwide League Division 1
This local derby passed without serious incident until the second half of the game, which Rovers eventually won 4 - 1. Each Rovers goal resulted in pitch runners and the match score and celebrations of the Rovers fans led to a marked deterioration in the behaviour of Bolton fans. Just before full time paramedics requested police assistance as they were treating a Blackburn fan in the South West corner of the ground in view of Bolton fans who were making threats and trying to get through the segregation gates to confront Blackburn fans. Officers intervened and this culminated in a serious confrontation between police and a large number of Bolton fans on the concourse of the Nat Lofthouse stand. Officers used batons to disperse the crowd from the concourse and to defend themselves from attack. Once outside the stadium the Bolton fans remained confrontational and hostile and batons were again used by officers to defend themselves. Mounted officers were deployed to disperse this crowd. As the supporters mingled on the coach park disorder took place between rival fans.

Cardiff City v Hull City 02/3/2001 - Nationwide League Division 3.
After the match a confrontation took place in the car park opposite the ground involving around 70 rival supporters. The rivals discharged CS spray during the disorder.
Several further scuffles ensued as the fans moved up the car park, before officers separated the groups. The Cardiff fans began to stone the visitors and their busses before being effectively dispersed.

Portsmouth v Preston North End 03/02/2001 - Nationwide League Division 1
A group of Preston supporters made their way to a public house used by home supporters.  A fight took place with glasses and bottles being thrown. One of the Preston supporters sustained a broken cheekbone. Both groups were separated and taken into the ground via different routes. After the match the home supporters congregated outside the away end and tried to bait the Preston supporters. Both groups were kept apart and the Preston supporters were escorted to their coach with the Portsmouth supporters trying to ambush them through the side streets. They were prevented from doing so by police cordons. Later that evening, away from the ground, a Preston supporter was assaulted in a local pub and sustained a serious injury to his eye.

Disorder Stafford Town Centre 03/02/2001
On Saturday 3rd February 2001 Preston North End played away at Portsmouth. On the day a coach attended containing 70 Preston supporters who had caused trouble at the fixture. On route back to Preston the coach stopped off for a drink in Stafford town centre. During their visit the Preston supporters caused trouble with local males which resulted in a large street disturbance involving 80 men. Police attended the scene and order was restored using police dogs. The Preston group were eventually placed back onto the coach and escorted from the area. As a result of the disturbance three local men were arrested and one Preston fan was taken to hospital with facial injuries.

Swansea City v Millwall 10/02/01 - Nationwide League Division 2
As the Millwall supporters were being escorted to the ground the escort came under a missile attack by a large group of Swansea numbering in excess of three hundred. A marine flare was fired towards the direction of the escort. The Swansea group was forced back by police officers with batons. They were supported by mounted and dog units.  The Millwall group under escort was placed inside the ground. At the same time four coaches containing around 200 Millwall supporters were stopped on the outskirts of the City and a search carried out. A number of weapons were recovered from one of the coaches including an axe, Stanley knife, knuckle duster, lock knife, wing knife, Chinese rice flails and pool balls together with a small amount of drugs.
Just after the game had re-started, an attempt was made by Swansea to get at the Millwall fans. By climbing up on to the trackside the Millwall supporters attempted to climb the 8ft high perimeter fence to attack the Swansea supporters. After the match the Swansea group again subjected the train escort to continued attacks.  They were again kept apart officers supported by mounted and dog unit officers. Prior to the escort setting off a search was made of the route and a cache of petrol and milk bottles with rags together with marine flares were discovered concealed in undergrowth near the foreshore.

Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur 10/02/01 - Premier League
Around 12.20 pm several reports were received that fighting was taking place in the vicinity of the Triangle shopping centre, Hanging Ditch. It transpires that a group of around 50 Tottenham supporters were drinking in Cateaton Street. The group identified a 30/40 strong Wrexham supporters who were also in the area and disorder took place with bottles and glasses thrown. From there the Wrexham contingent went directly to Victoria station. Around 13.40 pm Tottenham supporters were escorted. This group was involved in disorder on Claremont Road shortly before kick off as they fought with home supporters before police intervened.

Oldham Athletic v Wrexham 10/02/01 - Nationwide League Division 2
Wrexham supporters travelled by rail arriving in Manchester around 11am and numbering between 30/40. Around 12.20 pm they were involved in disorder with Tottenham hooligans and shortly after this incident went directly to Victoria railway station for their train to Oldham.
There were no problems during the game, but reports were received around 5.45 pm that a small number of Wrexham supporters were being attacked by about 20 Oldham fans. This resulted in the visiting fans taking refuge in a restaurant and a petrol station. Police attended but the Oldham group had already dispersed.

Brighton and Hove Albion v Cardiff City 10/02/01 - Nationwide League Division 3
At about 1.30 pm a group of about 200 Brighton supporters were spotted moving up Trafalgar Street towards the railway station. Some were carrying bottles and glasses. Missiles were thrown at police but this 200 was quickly dispersed into the North Laine area by police and dogs. This group then split up and relocated to various public houses in the area. During the second half a group of Brighton supporters numbering about 40 discovered a smaller group of Cardiff supporters in the Station Hotel. It appears that they attacked the pub, smashed every single window prior to entry and then went in and attacked the occupants. Snooker cues, pool balls, ashtrays and road signs were used as well as the pub furniture. This affray spilled out into the road. Two of the Cardiff supporters were injured resulting in their attendance at hospital. It appears that a plant pot was smashed over their heads. Police were on scene quickly and were able to arrest several persons. After the match the Cardiff group who had drunk in Worthing before the match were placed on a train and they returned to the pub in Worthing. At about 7pm a group of 50 Brighton supporters was spotted getting on to a train bound for Worthing. They were met by police and dog teams at the station in Worthing. They got off the train, threw missiles at police and managed to get around units by running along the railway lines (the power was still on!). Eventually they were intercepted by spotters and more police officers. The Cardiff supporters were held outside the pub by another police unit. Brighton supporters were dispersed by police into smaller groups and several arrests were made.

Mansfield Town v Chesterfield 17/02/2001 - Nationwide League Division 3
At this game, Mansfield were supported by Nottingham Forest fans and Chesterfield by Leicester fans. The Chesterfield supporters gathered in a nightclub that had opened that morning purely for the Chesterfield fans. By 1400hrs the nightclub had approx. 600 inside. In a public house across the road from this club there were 300 Mansfield supporters. As the Chesterfield supporters were being escorted from the nightclub by a strong line of police, there were a number of confrontations outside the above pub. Attempts were made by Mansfield supporters to get at the Chesterfield group but again they were held back. Following the game, when the Chesterfield supporters boarded coaches, a group of Mansfield supporters passed and both sets of fans began throwing cones, stones and bottles at each other and the Police. A large Police presence restored order. A number of Mansfield supporters then ran towards the bus station area where the Chesterfield supporters were waiting for a bus home. There were a number of fights between the two groups which resulted in arrests being made.

Disorder Preston Town Centre 17/02/2001
On Saturday 17th February 2001 approx. 40 Blackburn supporters arrived in Preston town centre on their way home following their game at Bolton. This group drank in a local pub in the town centre. At 8.00 p.m. they were refused entry to another bar by a large group of doorstaff who anticipated trouble. Disorder occurred between the Blackburn group and the doorstaff. Police attended and eventually kept the two groups apart with arrests being made. The Blackburn group was forced away from the scene where they then attempted to force their way into another bar. Police prevented this and further arrests were made. Windows were smashed as the group was escorted away back to the train station.

Tottenham Hotspur v Stockport County 17/02/2001 – FA Cup
Due to cheap train fares 900 Stockport County fans attending this match included a large hooligan element. The fans who had been drinking heavily all day returned to Euston to catch the 9.45 pm train. At this stage there was a fight on the concourse and also a fight amongst the Stockport fans themselves with one man receiving facial injuries. During the trip the escorting police were subjected to threats and abuse and a passenger told the officers that the fans were planning to attack the travelling escort. Only the presence of police officers on the platform at Milton Keynes subdued the group.

Derby and Stoke Supporters 24/02/2001
A group of forty Stoke supporters attended Derby on their way back from their match at Rotherham. There they were involved in serious disorder at 7.30pm with Derby supporters. House windows, cars and a police car were damaged during an initial onslaught of bricks and bottles. Nineteen people were arrested and charged with violent disorder as a result of this incident.

Rochdale v Shrewsbury Town 24/02/2001 Nationwide League Division 3
Prior to this fixture supporters from Oldham and Shrewsbury met at a pub in Rochdale. This group made their way to the ground but then left at half time. They then returned to the town centre and attempted to cause disorder in and around licensed premises. The actual game at the ground itself was totally incident free.

Preston North End v Sheffield Wednesday 24/02/2001 - Nationwide League Division 1
At the final whistle Sheffield supporters numbering 70-80 came out and moved towards home supporters. Mounted officers prevented a major confrontation and the Sheffield group fragmented before regrouping on the main road and walking towards the town centre. A Preston group made to a nearby public house where they attacked Sheffield supporters drinking inside. Police attended quickly and the Sheffield supporters were removed. The main Sheffield group numbering 30 made to another public house. All patrols were then stood down. The Preston group found the Sheffield group and fighting occurred before police attended and eventually escorted the Sheffield group to the train station.

Disorder in Huddersfield 24/02/2001 Nationwide League Division 1
Saturday 24th February 2001, Huddersfield played away to Burnley and the fixture passes without incident. Huddersfield supporters returned to Huddersfield town centre and settled in a public house. Around 8pm a coach of around 34 Leeds United supporters on their way back from Haydock Park Races stopped off in Huddersfield for a drink. The pub containing the Huddersfield supporters was then attacked by the Leeds group and the Huddersfield group came out of the pub. Serious Disorder takes place within St George's Square, Huddersfield. A number of weapons were used. A number of Leeds hooligans required hospital treatment for head injuries.

Oxford United v Millwall 24/02/2001 Nationwide League Division 2
At 5 pm 60 Oxford supporters not attending the game were seen walking quickly as a group towards the railway station and were stopped by police. A number complied with this request to stop, but a number appeared intent on progressing towards the station. Additional resources were dispatched to the location and the Oxford fans were contained to prevent them moving towards the station. A small number of Oxford fans managed to initially evade this tactic and a small disturbance took place with a small group of Millwall fans that were passing. At this point a number of the Oxford fans reacted violently towards police and batons were drawn. Two arrests for public order were made. The Oxford group were then escorted back to the city centre.

Cardiff City v Hull City 03/03/2001 – Nationwide League Division 3
Two coaches were intercepted and escorted to Ninian Park. No disorder occurred or during the match, although the match commander ordered the confiscation of four Hull flags with UVF and Ulster 'red hand' symbols thereon. After the match a confrontation took place in the car park opposite the ground involving some 70 fans during which CS was discharged prior to police intervention. Several further fights ensued as the fans moved up the car park, before officers separated the groups. Cardiff fans began to throw stones at the visitors and their buses before being effectively dispersed. Four arrests were made.

Queens Park Rangers v Sheffield United 03/03/2001 – Nationwide League Division 1
Over 50 Sheffield United supporters travelled by train to London. Pre-match was trouble free but after the game the group made their way to Kings Cross area where they were attacked by Tottenham fans resulting in two fans receiving head injuries from broken bottles. After a brief stand-off the police dispersed the groups and they were taken to St Pancras and placed on a train.

Millwall v Peterborough United 03/03/2001 - Nationwide League Division 2
During the match coins were thrown at the referee and away keeper. This has been reported to the FA. After the match, a minor incident escalated into disorder. Two Millwall fans were fighting in the street, and were split up by two officers. They were sent advised to leave the are and as one was leaving, he hit one of the PCs and the second bit the other officer. They were both detained and a crowd of about 100 gathered around the officers and the rest of their carrier. Seven officers kept the crowd back with batons until others arrived. During this and for about 15 minutes missiles were thrown at the officers until order was restored. A carrier window was broken and four PCs slightly injured.

Coventry City v Chelsea 03/03/01- Premier League
A Chelsea supporter was arrested trying to enter the stadium drunk. Whilst being searched after arrest, an air bomb and a cut-throat razor were found in his possession. He also had a canister of CS Gas hidden in his sock.

Manchester City v Southampton 03/03/2001 - Premier League
After the game police came across a group of 70 individuals who attempted to pass themselves off as City fans but were soon identified as known Manchester United supporters. Once they realised they had been identified they quickly started to leave and headed down Oxford Road towards the city centre. Another a group, with numbers again between 60/70, were at a pub in the University precinct on Oxford Road. This group was identified as the City supporters. The United group was by now heading for the pub and only the swift arrival of police resources averted large scale disorder as United charged towards the premises and the City fans attempted to come out. Police managed to contain the City group inside the pub despite furniture/missiles being thrown. The United group was dispersed

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Nottingham Forest 03/03/2001 - Nationwide League Division 1
Major disorder occurred after the match. Wolves supporters attacked officers in and around a public house. At the match there were ten arrests and three ejections. Two Wolves fans required hospital treatment.

Leeds United v Manchester United 03/03/2001 - Premier League
450 Manchester United fans travelled to this match. This group also contained a significant number of serious hooligans from other clubs. A revenue protection operation resulted in over £600 being recovered. When the train was searched 64 forged tickets for the match were found. After the game, which was played at 11.30am, there was large-scale disorder when some 250 Manchester United supporters left the stadium and were unable to be corralled by the local police. Around 150 Leeds United confronted the Manchester group near to a public house. From there a running battle ensued involving various missiles. Supporters on both sides were injured and missiles hit some police officers. No arrests were made at the time due to the nature of the violence and the need to keep officers engaged. The Manchester United group was eventually taken to the railway stations and dispatched to Manchester without further incident. The Leeds group themselves made their way home again without incident.

Leeds United v Manchester United 03/03/2001 - Premier League
After the game played on Saturday 3.3.01 at 11.30am there was large-scale disorder when some 250 Manchester United supporters the stadium. A large group of Leeds United supporters numbering in excess of 150 fought with the Manchester group. A running battle ensued involving many types of missile. Missiles injured supporters on both sides. The Manchester United group were rounded up and taken to the railway station and returned to Manchester without further incident.

Oxford United v Swindon Town 10/03/2001 - Nationwide League Division 2
Prior to the game, Oxford supporters left a public house and a Swindon fan inside smashed a window of the pub. Some of the Swindon fans began to get boisterous in the pub which was then closed. Officers moved in and all the occupants were escorted out without further incident and taken under escort to the ground. During the game, when Swindon scored their opening goal in the first half, Oxford supporters reacted angrily towards a Swindon player, who they alleged, gestured towards them. When Oxford had a second player sent off the London Road crowd began throwing bottles and coins at the Swindon goalkeeper. This was bought to the attention of the referee who consulted with the police and stewards before restarting the match. About 10 minutes later the incident re-occurred with more bottles and coins being thrown by Oxford fans. Swindon fans at the Cuckoo Lane end of the ground copied this action. The referee at this point consulted with the police and stewards and halted the game for five minutes until it had stopped. After the match, two arrests took place at the rear of the London Road stand for incidents that occurred during the match. Officers required assistance during these arrests due to the nature of the home crowd in the area. Batons were drawn to move back a group of about 40 home fans. Oxford supporters at a public house had exited and were making their way down London Road towards the bus stops for the city. Three Swindon players, who were parked at this pub needed to be moved on by police as they were targeted by Oxford fans. About 70 Oxford supporters ran down Park End Street towards the station. Officers placed a cordon across the road and this displaced the group into Hythe Bridge Street. Officers drew batons in an attempt to push the group away from the station area. Some of the group ran down a towpath that exits near to the station but they did not get near enough to the station to cause any problems. Swindon supporters were placed without incident onto the train and left the area. A small number of Swindon supporters were placed on a later train to Swindon via Reading after hiding in the railway station toilets.

Disorder Blackburn in London 10/03/2001
On 10/04/01, Blackburn Rovers played at Arsenal in an FA Cup fixture. A number of Blackburn Rovers supporters began to leave the ground at half time. This group was followed onto the tube system by small groups of supporters over the half time break. In total around 25 left the ground, were escorted to the train station and then made their own way into London. A report was subsequently received from the Metropolitan Police about a disturbance involving Blackburn and Doncaster supporters at Kings Cross.

West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur 11/03/2001 - FA Cup Quarter Final
At 3.15 pm a Spurs group numbering 60 were escorted to the stadium. 20 people were left in a public house with police monitoring them. During the escort a number of West Ham supporters shadowed the escort a large police presence prevented disorder. At 6 pm pub containing the 20 Spurs supporters was attacked by a small number of West Ham fans. Police dispersed the West Ham group. The Spurs group then attacked police. Shields were used by police and ten Spurs fans were arrested. The main Spurs group at the stadium was escorted to Upton Park station. Police then placed them on the tube system. They were escorted to Liverpool Street and settled in a public house. At 8.30 pm this group was confronted by a group of 30 West Ham supporters, but BTP intervention prevented disorder. The two groups were dispersed. At around 9.15 pm the Spurs group numbering around 14 people were arrested.

Southend United v Brentford 13/03/2001 - (LDV Trophy Area Final 1st Leg)
Just prior to kick-off, a small group of Southend supporters set upon a Brentford supporter, resulting in facial injuries. During the game, minor pitch incursions resulted in two persons being arrested. Police officers were brought into the stadium to ensure the two groups were kept apart.
Following the game, as supporters left the stadium, a report came in of a disturbance near to a public house frequented by Southend supporters. A Brentford supporter was found to have received a stab wound to the abdomen. No further incidents of disorder.

Sheffield Wednesday v Burnley 17/03/2001 - Nationwide League Division 1
At 11.10 am a train arrived from Burnley via Manchester. About 25 Burnley supporters alighted and walked across towards a public house.  They were confronted by a similar sized group of Sheffield United supporters and police used batons to disperse the two groups. The United group later left by rail to Huddersfield without problems. After the match a group of Sheffield Wednesday supporters outside the stadium attempted to confront a small group of Burnley fans. They were dispersed by mounted police and made their way to their 'local' at Hillsborough Corner. The Burnley supporters were located after the match and monitored until they left the city by rail.
Later in the evening damage was caused to a pub in the city centre when two local rival groups from United and Wednesday clashed.  A short time later another pub near the railway station was also subjected to windows being smashed when rivals clashed. Two groups of rivals, 25/30 strong, were located police officers and monitored until they dispersed later in the evening.

Bradford City v Manchester City 17/03/2001 - Premier League
At about 2.45pm a group of Bradford supporters attempted to gain entry to a public house containing mainly Manchester City fans and disorder occurred. Officers quickly restored order. At the ground, Manchester City fans were found in the 'home' ends of the ground. Four arrests were made for racial chanting which was aimed at the local community outside the stadium. This resulted in stones being thrown into the stadium from local children. After the match, throughout the town for a period of 15minutes small pockets of disorder broke out, resulting in a number of arrests. 20 Manchester City fans were arrested as well as six Bradford fans. The large police presence prevented further more serious outbreaks of disorder.

Disorder in Manchester 17/03/2001
On Saturday 17th March Manchester United played Leicester City in a Premier League fixture. Later in the evening, following the match, large scale fighting broke out between Manchester United and Manchester City groups - numbering around 20 in each group. Weapons removed from nearby scaffolding were also used. Police were in attendance and three arrests were made – two from United and one from City.

Stockport County v Birmingham City 17/03/2001 - Nationwide League Division 1
After the game fighting was reported at various locations in the vicinity of the railway station. Two Birmingham fans were injured after being attacked by a large group of Stockport supporters who were joined by another group from Oldham.

Bristol City v Millwall  17/03/2001 - Nationwide League Division 2
Disorder occurred prior to the match involving Bristol City supporters and unknown youths. At 3.45 pm a train carrying over 100 Millwall supporters arrived at the railway station, were searched by police and settled into a public house. The City group then moved from the centre and tried several times to approach this pub but were prevented from doing so and eventually they made off towards the stadium. At 6.45 pm the Millwall supporters were taken under escort towards the stadium. As they passed a public house, a group of 30/40 males came out and bottles and glasses were thrown and pub windows smashed. After a short while it became apparent that both groups were from Millwall and each thought the other were City supporters. At the stadium, the Millwall group rushed in and as members of this group entered the stadium they became aware that the main City supporters were in the adjacent stand. The City supporters then started to throw broken wooden seats onto the Millwall group and the police, which resulted in other Millwall supporters surging towards the fence. Order was restored after about five minutes by officers using batons and about 180 police entering the stadium at this point. Due to unpopular refereeing decisions at the end of the game, there was a surge by Millwall supporters onto the fence separating the stands. City supporters respond by throwing more broken seats. Millwall supporters joined in and broke up the plastic seating which they threw into the City stand. There was then about ten minutes of disorder inside the stadium with various objects being thrown, resulting in a number of minor injuries. As Millwall supporters went to exit the stadium, they proceeded to break up the turnstiles, toilets and tea bar and threw it at the police. Order was restored eventually by police. Torrential rain then assisted in dispersing the home fans. 13 arrests were made on the night - eight Millwall and five City.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v West Bromwich Albion 18/03/2001 - Nationwide League Division 1
At 12.30 pm a large Wolves group clashed with police officers and some bottles were thrown at officers. Officers moved this Wolves group from the area.  Ten minutes later a coach was damaged bringing in Albion supporters to Falkland Street, the offender making off into the crowds.
During the match, there were nine ejections, considerable hostility between the rival supporters and large amounts of spitting and throwing missiles onto the heads of away supporters. Following the game, serious disorder occurred at the bottom of Camp Street as fans clashed. A Wolves group had moved in from the concourse along the Ring Road towards Falkland Street and officers were deployed against this group, who retreated into the city centre. Disorder took place at Falkland Street, but officers at the scene dealt with it quickly and an arrest was made. At 8.30 pm officers at Wednesbury identified a group of Wolves supporters. One was arrested for causing damage to a public house. The group numbering approximately 40 people travelled by Metro back into Wolverhampton, and there was some friction between them and the officers escorting.

Disorder near Sheffield 25/03/2001
A confrontation took place about 5.30 pm at licensed premises in Mosborough, near Sheffield, between rival groups that associate themselves with the two Sheffield clubs.

Forest Green Rovers v Hereford United 31/03/2001 - FA Trophy Semi Final
At about 1.30 pm a local publican called the police as a result of boisterous behaviour from the Hereford fans in a public house in Stroud. Police attempted to arrest a male for a public order offence, at which point a group of about 30 - 35 Hereford supporters threw missiles (bottles, cans, beer glasses etc.) at police. Two officers received treatment for head wounds as a result of being hit with missiles. A further minor disturbance occurred 30 minutes later in Nailsworth town centre. The Divisional Superintendent took the decision to round up this group of Hereford supporters in their four minibuses, and took them out of town and escorted them all the way back to Hereford (despite them all having match tickets).

Blackburn Rovers v Burnley 01/04/2001 - Nationwide League Division 1
The largest group of Burnley supporters numbering about 120 walked from Rishton to Blackburn, a 2-hour walk, under escort. Smaller groups arrived by unknown means. One of these groups was involved in a small-scale fight with home fans outside a pub en route to the ground. Following the game, around 500 Burnley supporters were escorted to the railway station. Around 150 Burnley supporters got off the train in Accrington and settled in a pub under police supervision. At about 5 pm they had started to become extremely rowdy and an arrest was made outside the pub near the front doors. One of the officers involved in this arrest was struck on the back of the head by a bottle thrown from inside the pub and suffered a two-inch cut. Officers donned full protective equipment and one serial entered the pub with shields. This was followed by serious disorder as the Burnley subjects threw numerous glasses and bottles at officers. The serial was forced to withdraw. Order was restored and numerous arrests were made.  Rovers supporters numbering around 100 had gathered in their main pub in Blackburn and heard of the disorder in Accrington. The main group of around 70 left for the train station to travel to Accrington. Police refused to let the train leave and the group got off. They then confronted the police as they left. Batons were drawn but not used and the group were discouraged from confronting the police further at that time. Disorder continued to take place in Accrington involving those Blackburn supporters who had travelled to Accrington. Further arrests were made. At about 8.30 pm an arrest was made outside the pub containing the Blackburn supporters, in Blackburn, for a public order offence. The landlady was subsequently arrested for abusing officers. This led to the landlord being arrested for abuse and this further led to serious disorder taking place. Officers came under attack from bottles and glasses and the customers inside, still including around 40 supporters, tried to lock officers out. Further arrests were made.

Hull City v Scunthorpe United 07/04/2001 - Nationwide League Division 3
A coach carrying Scunthopre supporters stopped at traffic light adjacent to the ground and was attacked. The Scunthorpe supporters got off the bus and a fight ensued. After 20 minutes police restored order. 14 were arrested. During the game, two arrests were made for pitch invasion. After the match, police deployment prevented any disorder. After a call to a local hotel at 5 am the next morning Sunderland supporters and a Hull supporter were arrested for damage at the hotel. The Sunderland supporters had been seen at the game in the company of Hull supporters.

Stockport County v Sheffield Wednesday 07/04/2001 - Nationwide League Division 1
Small skirmishes broke out in the town centre prior to kick-off. Following the game, the Sheffield supporters drank in a public house until 6 pm and were then escorted back towards the railway network. As the escort reached the market area individuals broke from the group, prompting a police response with batons to encourage them back into the escort. This was achieved without further trouble.  On arrival at Stockport railway station, the group was corralled until shuttle coaches arrived and conveyed them to Manchester railway station, under police escort. Individuals were arrested for public order at that location. The Sheffield group was encouraged to catch the first return train. BTP escorted the train.  A South Yorkshire Police public order unit met the train upon its arrival.

Plymouth Argyle v Brighton and Hove Albion 14/04/2001 - Nationwide League Division 3
Following this match, a Brighton coach went to Exeter, which is 45 miles away. At Exeter there was serious disorder in the city centre at about 9 pm as Brighton supporters attacked a public house. Exeter supporters were inside and threw pub furniture through the windows at Brighton supporters. 12 Brighton supporters were arrested for various public order offences.

Preston North End v Nottingham Forest 14/04/2001 - Nationwide League Division 1
Ten minutes before half time, a group of 30 Forest supporters left the ground and made their way to a public house containing about 20 Preston supporters. Police prevented this group from entering the pub. Whilst the Forest group were held outside the Preston supporters left via a side door and there was a confrontation across both sides of the road. The Preston group was forced back inside the pub and one supporter was arrested for public order. The Forest group was then taken directly to the train station and placed on the train back to Blackpool. At the end of the game the remaining Forest supporters left on the train to Blackpool. A group of 40 Preston supporters then made their way to the area close to the train station and there were reports of fighting in the street. Patrols attended and four Preston supporters were arrested.

Port Vale v Swansea City 16/04/2001 - Nationwide League Division 2
This was a 'police-free' match and there were no problems at all until the Vale fans discovered that there were about six Stoke fans in with the visitors. At the end of the game, there was a gathering of more than 100 Vale fans near to the visitors' exit gates. The stewards guided the Stoke supporters out of another part of the ground but the Vale fans continued trying to find them amongst the Swansea fans. The stewards and police kept them apart until police resources arrived and dispersed the Vale fans to the town. Due to this, no disorder occurred and no arrests were made.

Grimsby Town v Sheffield United 21/04/2001 - Nationwide League Division 1
After match, Grimsby supporters gathered in a public house and a search was made for away fans but all the pubs were fairly quiet although some were closed. Officers were supervising this pub when the decision was made to stand most of them down just before 6 pm. Some five minutes later a call was received from the licensee of the a public house which had contained Sheffield supporters, stating public disorder had taken place in the pub with around 80 split between rival groups, glasses thrown and tables damaged. All was quiet on the arrival of the officers.

Manchester United v Manchester City 21/04/2001 - Premier League
Prior to the game, around 150-200 City supporters were located in a public house 2-3 miles away from the stadium. The majority of the group were escorted to the stadium and arrived after kick-off and there were therefore no confrontations between the two groups prior to the kick-off. A number of City supporters were however arrested on their way to the stadium for public order offences and around 30 were refused entry to the stadium as they did not have tickets.  They then made their way back to the public house. City fans were kept in the stadium after the game, negating the chance for incidents of disorder in the stadium. The City supporters then regrouped in the pub they had been in prior to the game. The United group appeared shortly thereafter and disorder broke out resulting in a number of arrests. The groups then moved into the city centre where several attempted confrontations were prevented by police. The City group then attacked a public house containing around 40 United supporters windows were damaged and missiles thrown, resulting in further arrests. Later in the evening there were a number of running battles and further arrests were made.

Huddersfield Town v Queens Park Rangers  21/04/01 - Nationwide League Division 1
There was continual baiting between each group during the game. In extra time, Huddersfield scored the winning goal and supporters celebrated by coming to the front of the seated area and baiting QPR supporters. Stewards and police moved in to Huddersfield supporters and attempted to move them into the seating area. QPR supporters overran the steward lines and attempted to move towards the Huddersfield area. Police were deployed with batons and supporters were driven back into the away area and out of the stadium. Huddersfield and QPR supporters moved out of the Stadium and attempted disorder which was prevented by police officers. Two officers were injured, resulting in two arrests for disorder and assault.

Disorder Oxford City Centre 21/04/2001
On Saturday 21/04/2001, Swindon Town had played at Wycombe Wanderers and Oxford United had played at Bristol Rovers. At about 10 pm disorder occurred in the area of the bus station in Oxford City Centre between Oxford and Swindon fans. Swindon fans numbering about 20 were escorted to the railway station by Officers and left there. A short while later Oxford attended the station and disorder occurred resulting in assaults and damage to station property.

Sheffield Wednesday v Barnsley 21/04/2001 - Nationwide League Division One
Prior to the game, a group of Sheffield supporters attempted a confrontation with the visiting group. Missiles were thrown, but order was restored by police. After the game, police prevented confrontation with rivals on the outer concourse and mounted police dispersed a group of Sheffield supporters. The Barnsley supporters were escorted out of the city.

Chesterfield v Lincoln City  21/04/2001 - Nationwide Division 3
Just before kick off, a group of 15 Lincoln supporters were confronted by 20 Chesterfield supporters. One Lincoln supporter sustained a broken nose before police separated the two groups. After the game, Lincoln supporters left in a group of 50 looking for Chesterfield but went the wrong way and were grouped together and escorted to the station. While being taken to the station 15-20 Chesterfield supporters including some of those on Banning Orders tried to confront the Lincoln supporters but police kept them apart. A much larger group of 50-60 Chesterfield supporters then came across a car park towards the Lincoln group. Police managed to keep them apart and a Chesterfield supporter was arrested. The Lincoln group was escorted to the station and with the help of BTP put on a train.

Wigan Athletic v Rotherham United 21/04/2001 - Nationwide League Division 2
There were no problems before or during the game. After the game a Wigan group that included supporters attacked a mini bus containing Rotherham. The windscreen of the vehicle was shattered and the driver injured. Fighting took place and further up the street a group of five Rotherham fans were also attacked. Two of this group required hospital treatment. There was also disorder at another public house on Wallgate where more arrests were made.

Hull City v Chesterfield 28/04/2001 - Nationwide League Division 3
A large police presence kept fans apart until they were queuing for entry. The north east corner turnstiles saw a charge by Hull supporters collapsing the segregation fence. Horses, dogs and officers were deployed and order was restored. Unfortunately several officers were injured. CS Spray and batons were used and 15 were arrested. A large police and steward presence inside the stadium prevented anything further. After the match, police kept fans apart and a well timed heavy downpour of rain helped enormously. There was no disorder after the match.

Emley v Stalybridge Celtic  28/04/2001 - Unibond League
Prior to the game, there was an incident of disorder at a public house where supporters calling themselves Manchester City fans had to be ejected for abusive behaviour. Further resources were deployed at this pub. There were reports of disorder taking place in Wakefield City centre between Stalybridge and other unidentified fans. Due to the large amount of fans arriving late at the ground and minor skirmishes occurring around the ground, the game was delayed for 15 minutes. At half time over 80 Stalybridge fans made their way to a public house. Inside the pub, these fans became abusive towards families and couples. The licensee refused to serve alcohol to the group and they were asked to leave. Officers eventually escorted them away from the pub towards the train station. Eventually this group was put on a train for Manchester. The train was delayed for 20 minutes whilst more and more supporters arrived at the station. In total over 120 fans boarded the train; they were banging on the windows and trying to rock the train. There was a number of calls requesting police assistance. When the train stopped at Kirkgate station the group of 120 fans forced the train doors open, which immobilised the train. There were no further reported incidents.

Oldham Athletic v Stoke City 28/4/2001 - Nationwide League Division Two
Stoke supporters arrived in the Oldham Town centre from 11 am and gathered in large numbers of up to 250 -300. At about 2.00pm a minor confrontation between Oldham and Stoke supporters occurred at a local public house. Police resources were diverted from the main Stoke group by this incident. En route to the ground, the main Stoke group passed through a large Asian area and a confrontation between Stoke supporters and took place and arrests were made. The Stoke supporters were escorted to the ground where racist chanting was heard. During the game there were four arrests. After the game the Stoke group were escorted back to the railway station and all roads leading to Asian areas were cordoned off. As the escort drew level with the scene of the earlier skirmish Asian youths who had congregated made their feeling known and abuse was hurled in both directions. Positive policing prevented the groups from attacking each other. Arrests were made at this stage. The Stoke group was escorted from the area.
Officers holding back the Asian youths came under fire of bricks, bottles and petrol bombs only one of which ignited. Damage was caused to a number of police vehicles and a small number of officers were injured. The Asian youths were eventually dispersed again without further incident.

Oxford United v Swansea City 28/04/2001 - Nationwide League Division 2
A group of Swansea supporters were in a pub on the edge of the city and remained drinking there until their bus was bought to them at 2 pm. Just prior to the bus arriving the group began to smash the pub up and police entered the pub to clear it. Some arrests were made. The group was then escorted to the ground. This group left the ground after 30 minutes. They were rounded up and placed on the coach and which were escorted into Wales.

Disorder in Watford 28/04/2001
Following Watford v Tranmere on Saturday 28/4/01 Watford supporters were refused entry at one public house and they settled in another public house they frequent. At 6.20 pm a group of ten Luton supporters arrived at this pub and taunted the Watford supporters. Watford supporters then left the pub and disorder occurred following which the ten Luton supporters ran up the High Street. A further confrontation took place at Watford Junction train station. On police arrival the Luton supporters were put into taxis and left the area.

Disorder Blackpool involving West Midlands Clubs – 05/05/2001
On Saturday 5th May 2001, from approximately 3.30 pm until 3 am the following day, large-scale disorder took place at Blackpool. Approximately 300 people from Wolves and West Bromwich clashed near a public house. Birmingham City also became involved later in the day. At least one person was stabbed, possibly up to three, and there were numerous injuries to others who refused to go to hospital.

Aston Villa v Coventry 05/05/2001 - Premier League
Prior to the game, Villa supporters entered a public house known to be frequented by Birmingham City supporters. Police dispersed the group which then entered another public house. Here they turned on police officers throwing glasses and bar stools. Extra police then attended and the group moved onto a further public house. They were then escorted to the station and put on a Villa bound train. However, before the train left a fight ensued between Aston Villa and Coventry supporters. Order was restored by police officer and arrests were made. At half time Villa supporters lifted the segregating roller shutter in the Doug Ellis Stand and brief disorder took place before stewards and police separated rival fans. Towards the end of the game, some Coventry supporters came outside the stadium and looked to confront Villa supporters, but there were none so they turned on police. This group was then dispersed by police and went back into ground. Following the game, disorder took place on route to the railway station. This was dealt with effectively and disorder was quite minor, although bricks and bottles were thrown. Coventry supporters were then escorted on to special train.

Wycombe Wanderers v Colchester United 05/05/2001 - Nationwide League Division 2
Near the end of the game the Colchester supporters attempted to leave the ground early but were prevented from doing so by police. Officers then came under attack from coins and plastic bottles. Whilst attempting to keep Colchester supporters in the ground after the game a wooden gate was forced open from within the stadium and a small number of police officers were knocked over. Colchester supporters were then escorted to the rail station in buses and placed on trains.

Shrewsbury Town v Brighton and Hove Albion 05/05/2001-  Nationwide League Division 3
Prior to the game, a group of around 25 Brighton supporters were sighted outside a public house frequented by Shrewsbury supporters. There was then an exchange of missiles which was quickly dealt with by police. Close to kick off, a small group of Brighton supporters was attacked close to the stadium by a larger group of locals. Disorder ensued and two arrests, one from each side were made. A four-year-old girl was knocked over during this and she received facial injuries.
At the end of the game the match there was a small pitch invasion. After the match there were several outbreaks of fighting in the town centre on the way back to the railway station. Police used batons in an attempt to separate the groups. A shop was damaged and missiles were exchanged throughout. Brighton supporters were escorted to Birmingham by BTP and then onwards to Brighton. There were six arrests, five from Shrewsbury and one from Brighton.

Euston Road London 05/05/2001
Over 50 Everton fans travelled to London by coach and were dropped off at Euston station. Post match disorder occurred in St Pancras/Euston area. 40 Chelsea hooligans then attended St Pancras and attacked a group of returning Tottenham fans. One fan was beaten unconscious and three Chelsea subjects were arrested.

Merthyr Tydfil v Swansea City 08/05/2001 - Welsh FA Cup Semi-Final
Fifteen minutes after the start of the game, a group of around 12 Swansea supporters left the ground and went to a lounge bar nearby. An hour later 35-40 Cardiff supporters made their way to the same bar and began to confront the Swansea supporters. Police officers forced the Cardiff supporters away, batons were drawn and one Cardiff fan was arrested after a struggle with police officers. The Swansea group then attempted to leave the bar, but was forced to remain by police. The Cardiff group was then escorted out of the area and into the town centre. Subsequently, the group of Swansea supporters were taken to the station and placed on trains, with no further incidents occurring.

Glasgow Celtic v Manchester United -16/05/2001 – Testimonial
Two men were arrested at Edinburgh Waverley station in possession of a large quantity [£700] of forged banknotes. Large amounts of forged bank notes were tendered in Glasgow during the previous day.

Manchester City v Chelsea 19/05/2001 - Premier League
At the final whistle home fans invaded the pitch and there was an exchange of insults between them and the visitors, which worsened. Police struggled to keep them apart and some disorder took place as rival fans fought across the segregation area in the North Stand. There was some damage caused and seats were broken and used as missiles. Police eventually restored order and the Chelsea fans were taken to the train station under escort. Large groups of City fans loitered in side streets adjacent to the ground and confronted the police. But they were eventually dispersed and order restored.

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