Manifest Against The Modern Football


Today more than ever we see how FIFA, UEFA, tv companies and the big sponsors are trying to change the football with the only aim for the bigger incoming from the football. The new plan of the Champions League is a bright example of this commercement of the favourite sport for millions of people in the world. But for our pity we see how the rich clubs r becoming more and more rich and how every year we watch the same clubs in the Champions League (with some exceptions). We are witnesses of the new dividement of Europe in East and West, the growing of a new Berlin's wall, but this time it is for the football. We all see the different rules for the teams of East and West. The champions of west r entering directly in the champions league, but East champions have to play 2 or 3 qualify rounds to be among the richest, but often these 3 rounds r lost by the East teams. We all know that the East teams r not interesting for the big tv companies and sponsors and therefore they r not wanted by the Champions League, and that the teams r not wanted in the Champions League is simply racism. But except all this FIFA and UEFA want to change the regular football fans and to kill the authentic football athmosphere in the stadiums. The rule by which the stadiums must have only seats is the 1st step, afterthat they will forbid the flags and the fireworks in the stadiums, and they will forbid the organized fans to visit the matches. All this will kill the athmosphere at the football stadiums and this will make the regular fan to feel just like he is at the theatre, smth very important for millions of fans in the world, and smth against which we will fight to the end. At the end lets discuss a problem which is everywhere nowadays at the Bulgarian stadiums - the police's terror and randomness. This problem is #1 at the Bulgarian stadiums and almost every fan has met it. Hundreds of times against us - the fans the police used its power without any reason at the stadium or on the streets, before and after the matches. Thousands r the beaten or arrested only for that they hadnt been sympatic to a policeman or they had disputted smth with them. All the fans in Bulgaria have seen how in front of the cameras of all tv companies and newspapers the Petrich's police beat hundreds of red fans at the match Belasitza - CSKA. And everybody has seen the beaten to death 11 years old Ivaylo Bonev, the photo on which a policeman is hitting him rounded the world. The cops says that we r drinkers and criminals. But we all ask - is an 11 years old boy a drinker and a criminal too. The current police randomness can bring us to the darkest days of the communism but just like then we - the real football fans wont scare and give up to the police sticks!!!!!!!!!!!